We’ll Be Having Sex With Robots In Next 10 Years, Doctor Predicts

Sounds like a plot from some twisted Si-Fi movie right? Well apparently not. Huge sums of money are currently being put into the development of robots that can entertain our wildest fantasies in the bedroom. Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson predicts robots will start to appear in homes within the next decade. A perfect companion for randy humans, unwilling to invest emotionally in a relationship. In a report produced for an online sex shop, he says: “Some people will enthusiastically embrace relationship-free robot sex as soon as they can afford one — as early as 2025."

They've already started to appear on our television sets. Here's Anita the Android in C4's Humans.



For some of the more experimental among you this may have spiked your interest. However I'm afraid to say the reality of the current bots are a little less appetising. I mean look at it:


Her name is 'Roxxxy' and although she looks like a terrifying Ann Summers mannequin, she does have some interesting features. Roxxxy has a heartbeat, knows your name and learns your likes and dislikes...and if you're not into blonds you can order a brunette:



She can be yours for just £6,000...If you can't stretch to that, don't sweat, an American company 'Sex Bots' rent them out for £200 an hour... I really do hope they clean thoroughly after use. GROSS!

Dr Pearson (Who sounds a little to into all of this) believes humans could soon fall in love with their robots. He says:

“It might feel very pleasant, and will be perfect for those who want to live their ultimate fantasy without strings and emotional commitments of real relationships. People will certainly fall in love with robots. What constitutes cheating will evolve too. People may accept partners having sex with AI or virtual people and robots, or just pushing ‘O’ for an orgasm, if they’re doing the same.”

Well Mr Pearson, I think you're just a bit weird. But who knows he might be right. All I know is I won't be buying Roxxy anytime soon.

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