15 Stupid People That Admitted To Crimes On Social Media

Social media is the one place where people go to boast and brag freely. You name it, someone's probably showing off about it. Whether they're talking about their cushy job, their holiday plans, their wedding, baby, cat or new house, there's a lot of posturing on social media that's solely designed to inflate the egos of self-involved and shallow individuals. It can be pretty aggravating to have to endure all the narcissism online if you're a bit more humble about your achievements.

Fortunately, there's one group of people who are all too eager to put themselves in jeopardy by exposing themselves online: criminals. You know that old saying about how a criminal mastermind would never be able to enjoy getting away with the perfect crime, because they wouldn't be able to tell anyone that they'd committed it? That's completely true for the criminals that aren't masterminds as well. If you want proof, then check out these dumb felons who were caught after bragging too much on social media.

1. A looting rioter

2. The guy who siphoned gas from a cop car 

3. The dude who admitted to drink-driving 

4. A social media prostitute... or just a hoax?

5. Sex with a minor = jail time 


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