You Can Now Edit Or Delete WhatsApp Messages Before The Recipient Reads Them

We’ve all been there. You type an angry, ranting message to your bestie about your mean, annoying boss or co-worker, only to discover that you’ve sent it to the very person you’ve been ranting about. In those moments, as a sense of utter social anxiety washes over us, there’s nothing we’d love more than the ability to delete the message we’ve just sent.

Sadly, up until now, deleting a message after we’ve sent already it has been a much lusted-after pipe dream. However, it looks like a certain messaging app is about to change all that, and the future of accidentally messaging the wrong person is about to look just that little bit brighter.


Thanks to a leaked screenshot and a whole lot of hope, it’s looking like the ability to delete sent messages on WhatsApp looks set to become a reality sooner than most of us would have ever dared to dream. Don’t believe me? Head over to the next page to see the supposed proof from Twitter [email protected]


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