Incredibly Rare World War II Lock Box Uncovered And Its Contents Are Incredible

Internet historians are scratching their heads after photos of an old box containing what appears to be WWII relics emerged online. The box was supposedly discovered in the Nevsky Pyatachok area of Russia. The photos appear to show the discovery of clothing, alcohol, cash, cigars and military badges.

Discoveries of complete collections like this are so rare that it's almost impossible to say for certain if the discovery is genuine from the photos alone. One commenter wrote: "I think it's possibly a mix of genuine and fake stuff put in the box so they can try to sell the fakes for big bucks as 'genuine'."

"If this is true then it makes you wonder what else is still out there to be found and hope the guys managed to return the belongings to the soldiers family," said another.

1. The box was dug up using spades and a bit of elbow grease


2. The box was full to the brim with WWII relics


3. The Reichsmark was the German currency during the Nazi regime


4. Not a very tidy packer


5. This box of cigars is almost perfectly preserved


6. As is this one


7. Is anyone starting to feel a little suspicious?


8. A hat complete with Nazi pin badge and swastika


While I'd love to believe this box of treasure was the real deal, we'll have to wait for official confirmation before we can be sure. But hey, here's something that might cheer you up - medical records confirm that Hitler had a micro penis. Compensating for something, Adolf?

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