Women Share the Worst Cases of ‘Mansplaining’ They Have Ever Heard

It’s tempting to feel like society has come a long way when it comes to gender equality. But despite the distance we’ve travelled, we should pat ourselves on the back too hard. There’s still ways to go. The disparity in gender pay-gaps is a well-documented and much discussed concept, though other, trickier to define examples of gender bias and sexism still exist.

This could be something as simple as the assignment of tasks to employees revealing an assumption that there are certain jobs that are more “suitable” for a female worker. In an effort to raise awareness and bring women together, Nicole Froio, a woman’s studies PhD candidate, started a thread on Twitter, asking her female contemporaries to reveal “the most obvious thing a man has ever mansplained to you.”

True to form, Twitter’s users delivered some absolute gold

Seems a rather pointless argument

Probably best to stick to what you know

Or you might end up looking a little foolish

Sometimes it’s better to leave things to the experts

That’s just a really strange thing to say

For today’s lecture…

Trust me, you don’t know better

The 1950’s called, they want their science back

Oh, word?

What’s in a name?

Whether you found the thread amusing, depressing, or somewhere in between, it certainly shows that society still has some attitudes to change before gender equality can be considered a reality.

If you want to become further informed on the subject, take a look at the time that female writers shared the everyday sexism they receive on Twitter.

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