Women Reveal How To Get Lucky On The First Date

It’s probably a given that both sexes would very much like to have some hitherto inaccessible insight into their respective sexes’ minds; their way of thinking, for example, what is appropriate and what is not, how to approach potentially hazardous subjects like sex and second dates. All of this would be of some use, right?

Well, clearly this YouTuber thought it would be a good public service and so without further ado, popped off to Arizona State University campus to quiz some ladies on their thoughts on all things romance and dates. Strangely, he seems to be particularly preoccupied with the chances of a girl agreeing to have sex after one date and he gets a pretty mixed response from his interviewees.

The video opens with a little montage so we can get to know the subjects of this rather strange interview, before the YouTuber leaps in, head first, throwing all caution to the wind with his first question, “Would you have sex on a first date?”.

Hilariously, the first answer completely shuts him down, “No, because I believe that you should have sex after marriage, and abstinence is key!” she responds. “After marriage?” comes the YouTuber’s dismayed response.

The general consensus seems to be that most of the women would not be interested in having sex on a first date, with the majority of them saying they would rather actually get to know someone a little bit first (definitely a wise move).

However, one interviewee does seem open to the idea, saying that “Depends on how the date goes, I guess, I can’t say I’m never going to”.

When the interviewer changes tact though, the responses are rather different; he asks the same group of women if any of their friends have ever had sex on a first date and is met by a chorus of “Yes'”.

Next, the YouTuber quizzes the women on some of the things men do that limit their chances of getting lucky after one date, “If the girl feels like that’s what they want, that just ruins it” one says, others cite being rude to waiting staff or being too shy as definite turn offs on a first date.

The number one thing, though, that seems to be a definite no-go is being too pushy and obvious about wanting sex too soon, that, concur the women, is not a good look for anyone.

Personally, my advice for either sex would be that it is much better to get to know someone properly before embarking on any kind of sexual encounter, both for for the sake of your own self-worth and safety, but everyone is different and there is no one answer to fit an entire gender on such an issue as this.


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