Women Get An Instant Orgasm With One Sniff Of This Rare Fungus

We’ve known for a long time mushrooms can have a powerful affect on the mind. But back in 2001 John Halliday and Noah Soule were the first to officially discover one that could instantly induce a female orgasm.

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The pair found the fungus growing on the tropical island of Hawaii, forming on lava flows 600–1000 years old. The bright orange mushroom caused women to suddenly reach climax for no apparent reason. In a trial involving 16 women, 6 had orgasms while smelling the fruit body, and the other ten, who received smaller doses, experienced physiological changes such as increased heart rate. They also tested it on men, but it unfortunately didn’t have the same effect. They just thought it smelt rank.

If you want to find all the details on this mythical mushroom you can order International Journal Of Medicinal Mushrooms here. But I’m afraid to say it’s not widely available…

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