Woman’s Botched Nose Job Leaves Her With Silicone Implant Poking Out Of Her Face

Cosmetic surgery is not a procedure that anyone should go into lightly for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because it’s not medically necessary, secondly, it’s expensive and most importantly, it can go wrong.

One woman from Hat Yai in southern Thailand learned this the hard way when she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure on her nose.

Recently, she shared with the world the very harrowing photos of the botched nose job which left her with a silicone implant protruding out of her face.

The woman, who has yet to be identified, decided to share the photos on social media as a warning to others who are considering undergoing cosmetic surgery – specifically in clinics that do not take proper precautions because of limited resources.

The very alarming pictures have now gone viral, and many cosmetic surgery clinics have begun sharing her story in order to warn others of the potential dangers of cheap plastic surgery.

The patient was left in utter agony after the nose job (a relatively common and simple procedure in many professional clinics) as she began to develop very sore infections and later inflammation around certain areas on her face.

Then somehow, the silicone implant which was supposed to give her a more pronounced nose, began poking out of the space between her eyebrows.

Silicone implants are typically used to change the shape of the patient’s face – especially their cheeks or nose.

What patients tend to find more appealing about silicone implants as opposed to other surgical procedures is that they do not require a surgeon to cut into the cartilage or bone. They are supposed to be a quicker and more efficient form of cosmetic surgery.

However, many people have raised concerns about the dangers of placing chemicals such as silicone into people’s bodies.

These implants tend to be more dangerous than other forms of cosmetic surgery because they are not incorporated into the tissue inside the body. They simply remain under the skin and are thus more likely to move out of place.

Unfortunately, the woman decided to undergo a cheap rhinoplasty at a clinic that has since refused to take accountability for their grave error.

In fact, according to the patient, she went back to the hospital where her surgery took place and asked them to correct the botched rhinoplasty but they outright refused to help her.

The woman then decided to seek help elsewhere, namely from medical professionals around Bangkok, Thailand’s capital. Fortunately, she did find one plastic surgery clinic which provided her with a treatment to remove the implant, a treatment which she was not expected to pay for.

However, she has now been left with a gaping hole above her nose where the implant used to be.

As of now, she is waiting for medical professionals to decide the best course of action to take in terms of closing up the hole.

And it’s not just rhinoplasties that medical experts are raising concerns over. Procedures which involve injecting cosmetic fillers in the face in order to create a plumper effect could also cause potential damage.

They have voiced particular concern about dermal fillers which are injections that are intended to smooth out wrinkles and plumpen the face.

It goes without saying that you should never be reckless when it comes to plastic surgery. If you are intent on undergoing a cosmetic procedure, you should be doing plenty of research to make sure that you find a safe and suitable clinic.

According to reports, it is not yet known whether the victim of this horrifically botched nose job will be pursuing legal action.

We hope that the medics will soon be able to repair the tissue that has been damaged as a result of the initial surgery, and that she makes a full recovery.

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