Woman’s 103-Pound Weight Loss Has Taken The Internet By Storm

As the sun sets on December and rises on January, it’s probably quite likely that you’re one of the many people around the world who pledge to go to the gym in the New Year. Many of those people fail miserably, but who knows, maybe you’ll pull through, and make it a regular thing. How much do you intend to lose? Twenty, maybe thirty pounds? Then you’ve got nothing on Betsy Ayala, a resident of Houston, Texas, who peaked at 262 pounds a little more than three years ago after the birth of her daughter.

Find a picture of Betsy today, and you’d be astounded as to the progress she’s made: she’s managed to drop down to less than 160 pounds: a drop of 103 pounds. How did she manage it? Like all dramatic life changes, the decision to lose all that weight was borne out of tragedy. Turn to the next page to learn a bit more about Betsy, and why she decided to lose the weight.

Betsy Ayala underwent an astonishing metamorphosis after the birth of her daughter to drop 103 pounds from 262 in a stunning show of weight loss. What exactly inspired her to lose all that weight?

Betsy had struggled with her weight all the way through her twenties, and by the time she had her daughter, she weighed in at 262 pounds. Her inability to consistently keep the weight off caused her to spiral into a deep depression, and matters were only made worse when she discovered her husband exchanging messages with another woman.

“Two days after Christmas, I found my husband at the time was being unfaithful and it kind of turned my world upside down… They were talking about my weight. They talked about me in a nasty way. That’s what really hurt.”

At first, Betsy says she was angry, but through that pain, she discovered the motivation she needed to rise above what her daughter’s father had done, and finally find a way to lose weight – and keep it off.

“I didn’t do it to get back at him. Initially of course, when you’re angry, you’re like ‘Oh my god, just watch what I’m gonna do,’ but I think I did it for myself and for my daughter.”

Whatever the motivation, it worked: as of today, the 34-year-old dropped over 100 pounds to achieve her ideal body, and the difference is staggering.


Launching an Instagram account (@queen_b_b) to chronicle her weight loss, she also tries to instil an important lesson to her now three-year-old daughter: the power of persistence.

“Going through the struggles, you come back stronger than ever, because those things that happened to you, happen to you for a reason — for you to grow and learn. I want her to know more than anything that resilience is in you.”

For a woman to go through what she went through and come out the other side not only tougher mentally, but physically in a much better place than before as well, takes mountains of resilience, and I’m certainly delighted that Betsy was able to pull through in such a definitive fashion. I hope we can all learn something from this about sticking things out when the going gets tough.

Weight loss stories like this are few and far between, because the challenge of keeping off weight is such a huge one to overcome. For one twenty-year-old, though, it was as simple as not eating Chicken Nuggets.


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