Woman Turns Her Entire House Into A Canvas For Doodling

I don't know about you guys, but I think there are very few things more satisfying and stress-relieving in the world than a good doodle. Many a lecture or tutorial whilst I was university would be spent producing elaborate, formless drawings, and although it seems like aimless daydreaming, doodlers are actually 29 per cent better at recalling dull information than non-doodlers.

In a particularly mundane class, my doodles would become incredibly ambitious, but no matter how bored I became, my drawings were never bigger than the size of a notebook. Joke Neyrinck from Belgium, however, has taken doodling to a whole new level. Over the years, she's put together a pretty extensive portfolio of art, and no book can contain this amazing artist's creativity; so much so that she's even used her own house as a kind of giant canvas.

1. Joke decorates her bathroom (as well as her shoes and bag) with permanent marker

2. Adding a little colour 

3. Just regular paper this time

4. Using daylight as an inspiration

5. Joke in the bathroom, attempt two


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