Woman Spends $5,200 Completely Transforming Her Face Before Her Wedding Day

Despite every lesson that our mothers, fathers, teachers, grandparents, and television relationship gurus taught us growing up – looks do matter. It’s a sad fact, but one that has been a part of humanity for centuries. The truth is, people are judged for how they look, and deep down, most people feel their best when they’re looking their best.

The ‘Body Positivity Movement’ on social media has gone a long way in helping people feel comfortable in their own skin, and it has helped to teach people that “every body is beautiful”. But no matter how much we try to teach others to be accepting, sometimes our biggest critic when it comes to our appearances is ourselves.

We’ve all got body hang-ups. I work out multiple times a week and sacrifice hours of my free time away from my family just so that I can feel good about the way I look – and even then, I’m never satisfied. Social media may be helping people to accept the bodies they’re in, but it also bombards us with pictures of supermodels and super-fit gym goers every single minute.

The fact is, it can be very difficult to accept you for the way you are – and one person who knows this all too well is 26-year-old Sophie Attwood.

Since she was 14 years old, Sophie has refused to leave the house without a full face of makeup. It got to the point where she would actually sleep with her makeup left on so any ex-boyfriends or friends would never see her natural look if she were to stay at theirs’.

To see the incredible power of makeup, check out these “undone” transformations below:

However, with her wedding day fast approaching, Sophie realized that her attitude toward her face needed to change. But instead of accepting herself for the way she is, she forked out a whopping £4,000 ($5,200) on non-surgical procedures to drastically alter her face.

I’ll premise the rest of this article by saying that I personally think Sophie was perfectly beautiful to begin with, but it is her body, and if it makes her feel better about herself, then who are we to judge?

Wanting to alter her looks without actually going under the knife, Sophie opted for a non-surgical nose job, lip remodeling, an eyelash lift, and permanent makeup.

The PR consultant, from Staffordshire, England, started her makeover journey back in June with a £450 ($586) non-surgical nose job. The procedure heightens and “smooths” the nose by injecting hyaluronic acid filler under the skin of the nose bridge.

Speaking about her nasal hang-ups, Sophie said: “Although everyone told me that my nose is just fine, I’ve always been unhappy with it.

“I think it’s a bit too wide, and I really wish it wasn’t so flat. It’s been a bugbear for a number of years, and I’ve found myself contouring it every day – regardless of whether I’m just nipping to the shops or going to the gym.

“It was a really, really subtle change but one that made a significant difference to me. The result looked completely natural, but any ridges were completely smoothed out and, out of nowhere, a small button nose had been created.”

Two weeks later, Sophie once again found herself in the hot seat in the Elite Aesthetics clinic, this time receiving lip fillers. Sophie had always wanted plump lips, and for years would achieve the look with makeup alone, but fillers offered her a more semi-permanent option.

Whatever your opinions are on cosmetic surgery, there is no denying it can change a person’s life. Like this woman, who was mocked mercilessly for her teeth:

Sophie then decided to target the redness around her nose and chin. In order to reduce the redness, she started using ZO Skincare, which removes blemishes by using a selection of different cleansers, oils, and exfoliators.

Her eyelashes were up next (I’ll never understand the obsession so many women have with their eye hair), and Sophie wanted a more permanent increase in volume and length than that offered by mascara. Therefore, Sophie chose an enhancement treatment using LVL lashes and started using an intensive serum called Glow Boost, from Bio Extracts, that reportedly stimulates microcirculation in your skin.

Sophie then visited Tracy Fensome, a permanent makeup specialist – who essentially tattoos makeup onto your face – and paid £495 ($645) for the two-hour procedure. Again, this is one of those treatments that baffles me, because surely there are times where looking like you’re wearing a full face of makeup is just not necessary?

What if you’re called out to a hospital emergency at three in the morning, and you rock up looking like you just couldn’t bring yourself to say goodbye to grandma without first filling in your eyebrows?

Anyway, speaking of the procedure, Sophie said: “Numbing cream was applied and the process began. It felt like I was being scratched by a cocktail stick. It wasn’t painful, but, by the end of the treatment, it was a little sore but bearable.”

Sometimes, people need makeup for a little bit of a confidence boost. What means nothing to so many of us can mean the world to them:

“My eyebrows were so light before that I had to draw them on all the time. Now I don’t have to. This has probably been one of the treatments that has made the biggest difference visibly.”

Sophie also admitted what we were all thinking: that this entire transformation has been pretty extreme – but she is happy with the results and that is all that matters.

“All of these treatments have made a huge difference to my self-esteem and confidence,” she added. “Many people may think I’m crazy, but I now feel so much happier in my own skin.”

And that is the most important thing. People don’t have to look a certain way in order to be happy, they just need to be happy with the way they look.

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