Woman Opens Up About How Sex Addiction Almost Drove Her To Suicide

When most people think of sex addiction, the images their mind conjures are of people whose lives are consumed by lust. The reality, however, couldn’t be more different. Sex addiction is an addiction like any other, and it is the result of many complex factors.

From the moment they are born, certain people have brains which are more likely to fall into cycles of addiction. Traumatic life events can then lead them down a dangerous path which is difficult to get off of without the right support and determination.

This was the case for Jace Downey, whose sex addiction eventually got so bad that she contemplated suicide.

“Addiction is a genetic brain disease,” she said in an interview with Barcroft TV.

“It’s hereditary, passed down through generations. I was born an addict, every addict is born an addict, it’s just whether or not that is going to be triggered into active acting out.”

“Sex addiction is really confusing. It has nothing to do with sex.”

The video below details Downey’s tragic story:

While Downey’s story has a happy ending, the childhood abuse which led to it is a testament to the fact that no one should judge addicts without knowing their stories. Sex addiction is particularly misunderstood and the taboo surrounding it needs to be lifted.

Thankfully, her partner William is understanding enough not to judge her for her past.

Childhood sexual abuse is not the only factor which can turn someone into a sex addict. Mental conditions like bipolar disorder can put people at a higher risk of developing it, as well as substance abuse. Another factor which can cause sex addiction is delayed intellectual development.

So the next time someone nonchalantly uses the phrase sex addict, you should probably inform them that it’s a serious condition which shouldn’t be mocked and encourage them not to confuse it with having a high sex drive.

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