This Woman Is Making Future Boyfriends Complete A ‘Daddy’ Application

Fahnbulleh shared every hopeful candidates application on Twitter, hoping that her 25,300 followers would help her make the right decision. Thankfully, they didn't disappoint...


"I've received over 500 daddy applications, which is taking my team (aka my bitches) a lot of time to review," she told BuzzFeed.

Fahnbulleh's inspiration came after she was left infuriated by a man she was truly interested in, who wouldn't commit. She knew she deserved someone better, so she began to seek a "daddy". Explaining her plan to BuzzFeed, she said:

"A daddy or a zaaady is much more than just a boyfriend or a bae. Your daddy wants you to win and see you shine! And you're always learning something from him, that's why he's your daddy. It has nothing to do with his age or finances (but a good income is a plus!) He's just always there to support, encourage, and challenge you to be your best."

As if that wasn't enough, Fahnbulleh is also encouraging applicants to reveal their "girth and size", stating that that information will help move their proposal to the top of the pile. She certainly didn't come to play!

Could it all be so simple? Is the man of our dreams lurking in our Twitter timelines? If so, maybe we could all take inspiration from Fahnbulleh and host our own application process. Here's the application in full...




It remains to be seen if Fahnbulleh's plan was a success. However, with 500 applicants and counting, she certainly seems to be the winner here! One hopeful even created a three-part video tape to put himself forward for the role of Fahnbulleh's boyfriend!

Apparently, it's time to delete Tinder and turn to Twitter for our dating fix! You heard it here first!

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