This Woman Is Making Future Boyfriends Complete A ‘Daddy’ Application

Dating isn't easy. In the modern world of dating apps, finding your soulmate is a challenge. One that we are not always adequately prepared for. Unless you are Arantza Fahnbulleh.

Tired of her endless search for the perfect partner, Fahnbulleh devised a genius plan to help make her love life a little easier. Her idea was certainly brave, but thanks to the power of the internet, it went viral, Fahnbulleh has since been spoilt for choice with hundreds of potential suitors...

Bored of dating mediocre men, Fahnbulleh knew it was time to take drastic measures in order to help her find the love of her life. So, she did what any millennial would, and took to the internet in search of her knight in shining armor.

The comedienne and actress uploaded a video rant in which she announced a job opening for her next boyfriend. In the comical clip, Fahnbulleh declares that she will be taking "daddy applications" for those seriously interested in dating her.

But, the application isn't straightforward. Fahnbulleh is making her potential suitors work for it, and who can blame her?! Bored of chasing after boys, she is forcing them to come to her. Why hadn't we thought of this?!

True to her word, Fahnbulleh uploaded an application form to her Twitter page. The four page long document leaves no stone unturned, with full frontal questions that cover all bases.

The invasive application requests the hopeful candidates to divulge every detail about themselves and even then, they aren't guaranteed the "job".

Despite the intense nature of the application, hopeful future boyfriends began to storm into Fahnbulleh's inbox with their pledges and promises. But, rather than keep it private, Fahnbulleh let it all play out on online...


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