Teenager Wears Diapers And Lives As An “Adult Baby”, But Claims It Isn’t Sexual

In this modern age, we are far more accepting of unconventional lifestyles than ever before. There is an abundance of obscure communities that engage in, what most people deem to be, unusual behaviors.

People who have adopted these unique lifestyles often live in more liberal countries and are usually able to carry out their lifestyles without any legal persecution, unless, of course, they constitute abuse or other forms of misconduct.

Now, you may or may not have heard of a fringe community of so-called “adult babies”, who go against society’s insistence that everyone must “act their age” and instead act, well, like babies.

Well, meet one of the latest members of the club: 18-year-old Toni Hart.

Toni, from southern Oregon, has claimed that dressing up as and assuming the role of an “adult baby” has helped her to “reclaim her childhood”, after experiencing a childhood marred by sexual abuse.

Watch as Tori talks about a potential candidate for a “daddy”:

“It makes me feel like I get to go through my childhood again and I get to redo everything I didn’t get to do the first time around,” she confessed.

The teenager drinks from a baby bottle, sucks a comforter at night and wears diapers each and every day.

“I also go to bed every night with a pacifier and it helps me to sleep because I have insomnia. One night I went to a friends’ house and I couldn’t sleep without it,” she said. “I wear diapers and I do go to the bathroom in them, but only number one.”

“There are some people who do more but that’s not for me. I don’t like that part of it – it just feels like too much. I use my bottle and eat chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs as well as taking pictures for Instagram.”

Tori also wears baby onesies, enjoys watching cartoons and often throws temper tantrums.

The young woman engages in forms of “age play” known as Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL) and Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG), a practice with links to BDSM.

“The whole idea is submitting yourself to somebody and giving them the power to be in charge of your wellbeing,” she explained. “If I am with a partner I ask them, ‘Can I do this?’ or, ‘Can I wear this today?'”

However, Tori, who works in a fast food restaurant, insists there is nothing inherently sexual about her undeniably unconventional lifestyle.

“It is very soothing and comforting. You feel very snug and like you are completely warm, content and happy. I forget about everything else in the world.

“When I am in that headspace I don’t do anything sexual. It definitely can be a sexual thing but I think of it as a way of expressing myself.”

“Then I found the community and the people I love and the thing I love to do. I ended up giving up all the meds. “It has made me stronger, more confident and happier.”

Tori was introduced to this unconventional community by a friend, and explains that she started off by calling her boyfriend “daddy”.

Then, after finding out about a YouTuber who also engages in the adult baby lifestyle, she decided to follow suit and hadn’t looked back since.

Tori believes she has spent at least a few hundred dollars on baby outfits, diapers, and toys since embracing her newfound lifestyle.

Tori still lives in mother’s house and luckily for her, her friends and family have mainly been supportive of her lifestyle. “One time my mom found a diaper so we talked about it,” she recalled. “She said, ‘That’s fine, just make sure you clean up after yourself.”

“I speak in my ‘baby voice’ and if I’m upset I will cry or have a temper tantrum. I also crawl and roll. I don’t have a ‘parent’ at the moment so normally I do it by myself after work. I will dress in a onesie or outfit and relax and watch TV.”

However, it wasn’t all plain-sailing for Tori, as she initially feared that other people would make false assumptions about her and the way she chooses to live. “I was worried at the beginning about what people would think. There are a lot of misconceptions and the biggest is that it is pedophilia,” she said.

“People say it is weird and gross and that it is not right. A lot of people judge and assume the worst. Despite the stereotypes and the stigma that we are creepy pedophiles, we are not. If you get to know us, we are nice, normal people.”

“If you still don’t like or accept it, that is fine. But you don’t find me coming around saying, ‘You don’t do this, that is weird.’ I’m just here living my life and doing what I love. I don’t deserve hate.”

Tori is 100% right – the best way to approach lifestyles such as these, from an outside perspective, is to live and let live. As long as what Tori, and others like Tori, are doing is safe, legal and isn’t harming anyone, then who are we to judge?

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