Woman Launches Twitter Search To Find Stranger She Kissed On The Eiffel Tower

For many people, Paris is the most romantic city in the world. It’s where people speak the language of love; where couples walk hand in hand down cobbled streets after enjoying the best French cuisine before, naturally, sharing a kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower.

However, for 18-year-old Juliana Corrales from California, a romantic Eiffel Tower kiss with a stranger ended in disaster.

The 18-year-old had been on a school trip to Paris when she made a promise to herself that she was going to kiss someone on top of the iconic landmark. She took to Twitter to recount her plan and how it led to her locking lips with a handsome stranger.

“I went to Paris for 12 days with my three best friends,” she wrote on the popular social networking website, “and ever since my parents surprised me with the news, I made a pact with myself that I would kiss someone on the Effiel Tower.”

“So it was the final day of the trip,” Juliana continued, “the 6th of January, and we were on top of the Effiel Tower, and I was looking for someone to kiss. Unfortunately, there weren’t many options because there was no one my age who didn’t come with their girlfriend.”

“But luckily my friend saw Gavin and we followed him to the top level and she tapped on his shoulder and then backed away to let me speak. Somehow, I managed to make concise sentences, and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind kissing me.”

“I explained to him my pact, and, to my dismay, he actually agreed to kiss me.”

But nothing could have prepared Juliana for what was going to happen next…

“So we kiss and it was pretty cool, and my friends were all cheering and we were all laughing,” the excited 18-year-old continued, “and then his mom yells, ‘That’s my son, kiss again so I can get a picture,’ and, of course, I happily oblige because he is GORGEOUS.”

Check out their kiss in the video below:

After the two shared their special moment, they parted ways and then it dawned on Juliana that she’d forgotten to ask him for something else.

“In the heat of the moment, I completely forgot to get his number, which is why I took it to Twitter, maybe hoping maybe we could find him?? (sic)”

By this point, a lot of people were invested in her story, and she addressed those who were rooting for the would-be couple too. “I never expected all of this. So thank you so much to everyone who is invested and everyone who has been kind enough to help me.”

With this tweet, Juliana unknowingly launched a worldwide search party for the mysterious Gavin.

“He went to the Eiffel Tower with his mother. His MOTHER!! Girl marry him. Good luck girl. L. I’m in California, but I’ll ship him to you if I see him,” wrote Twitter user @Unreliable_liar.

“God I hope this girl finds this boy (even though I’m jealous cause he’s so freaking handsome lol),” added @juju_corrales, “but God seriously, help this girl to find him. Amen.”

Whether it was through divine intervention or the sheer FBI skills of Twitter, it wasn’t long before Gavin was found, but unfortunately, this is a love story which, despite its promising start, was never destined to have a happy ending.

Even though he was on top of the Effiel Tower with his mother of all people, it transpired that the mysterious Gavin already had a girlfriend. Suddenly, the publicity Juliana’s post created suddenly turned into unwanted attention.

“So I saw that u guys found Gavin hahah and whether he has a girlfriend or not, I would just like to thank everyone for finding him and being so supportive,” she wrote. “If you guys wouldn’t mind please to not bother him or his mom, I would hate to disrupt their lives too much (sic).”

Needless to say, Twitter was heartbroken.

“He may not have a girlfriend for long. Just saying,” wrote @lindachildrers1.

@LyndsTrash added, “aw this broke my heart on so many ways (sic).”

Amazingly, one Twitter user actually spoke out in Gavin’s defense.

“Come on, it’s a really cute story,” @LeahJen wrote. “He’s a sweet guy playing along in a harmless way. I don’t perceive that as being disloyal to his GF. His mom must have approved. No harm. No foul.”

We hope that one day Juliana get to kiss someone else on the Eiffel Tower. Preferably, someone without a girlfriend.

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