Woman Insists She’ll Never Go Back To Men After Having Sex With 20 Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? One woman from Bristol, England certainly does, but her encounters don't involve graveyards, creepy old mansions, or holding séances. Her meetings with the recently departed include a sexy nighty and her spare bedroom!

Amethyst Realm, who considers herself a "spiritual guidance counselor", claims she's been having sex with ghosts for 12 years. She says the experience is so good that she now has no interest in ever having relationships with (living) men again.

Realm reveals that her first ghostly sexual experience occurred just after she and her then-fiancé moved into a new house. She claims there was definitely an entity in the house who showed an interest in her.

"It started as an energy, then became physical. There was pressure on my thighs and breath on my neck," Realm said of the experience. "I just always felt safe. I had sex with the ghost."

Realm says that one night while her partner was away, she attempted to seduce the ghost. She put on some sexy lingerie and went to the bed in the spare bedroom to wait. She claims she waiting a long time and was just about to drift off to sleep when the ghost appeared.

She says the sex is difficult to describe, but although she cannot see the ghost, she can definitely feel him. Realm and this ghost continued their affair for three years before being caught in the act.


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