Woman Grosses Out Commuters By Shaving Her Legs On NYC Subway Platform

If you’re a frequent user of public transportation then you’ve probably seen some strange things, but this next woman takes the cake… In fact, her outrageous actions take the whole bakery!

She was filmed on a busy Times Square subway platform in New York City shaving her legs.

Perhaps she didn’t have enough time in the shower that morning to do it at home, but whatever the reason, it certainly grossed out commuters passing through the station that day. Not only did she slip a razor in her bag, but she also brought shaving cream!

Yes, this was clearly planned out.

One disgusted commuter filmed the whole thing hairy mess and you can watch that footage below. The woman doesn’t even flinch and carries on with her shaving despite being filmed. She clearly has plenty of confidence. She would have to in order to just think about shaving in public!

She’s not the only public groomer with no shame. Another woman was caught on camera shaving her legs in a public pool! She sits poolside with a razor and shaves her calves as children swim by. At one point she knicks herself and even rinses the blade in the pool water. Disgusting!

Could you imagine swimming by and accidentally inhaling a mouthful of pool water laced with leg hairs and blood? The video was uploaded to Reddit and was upvoted over 50,000 times. While the exact location of the pool is unknown, the voices in the video do seem to have American accents.

The footage from that incident is also available for your viewing pleasure, just in case the woman on the subway platform wasn’t enough to make you choke on your coffee today.

We could stop there, but you know that we won’t. After all, public transportation has provided us with plenty of horrendous acts much more disgusting that a woman shaving her legs. For instance, how do you feel about feet?

Plenty of people have been caught going barefoot on the subway, and when you think about all the other bodily fluids that have graced the floors of those cars it’s enough to make a person hurl. What’s worse than that? How about someone hauling out their stinky, sweaty feet to clip their gnarly nails?

Twitter used Katie Lenns caught the nail clipper posted above on the New York subway. Now all those who go barefoot have those clippings to walk on as well as the plethora of disease-inducing germs that are already there.

Just think of all the drunk people who have puked in those subway cars, or worse, the people who have masturbated. Yes, it’s true. Your subway seat could be stained with semen as one anonymous person captured and shared with the internet for all to see.

Perhaps it’s just best to stand on the subway from now on.

However, I think the best subway horror story has to go to online commenter MrAmberShades, who responded to a call from Adequate Man for the worst public transport horror stories out there. He begins by describing an elderly woman wearing ratty clothing who sits across from him and his friend.

“As she is sitting there she casually pulls her tights pants down just a bit to reveal that she’s wearing a diaper. Just as I realize this she reached into the front of her diaper and pulled out a few fingers full of dripping, pudding consistency shit and starts to eat it, hungrily scooping it into her blackened green and mostly toothless maw.

“She only licked one finger clean before she couldn’t resist helping herself to another scoop. Then the sourest, rotten garlicy, bottom of the dumpster soup sh*t smell hits us. This is when my friend starts gagging, puking slightly as he tries holding most of it down.”

Well, if that doesn’t make you want to buy a car immediately, I don’t know what will. Happy commuting!

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