Woman Gives Up On Men To Marry Her Dog And Claims They Have A “Perfect Life” Together

"Things have fallen apart somewhat since we married in 2009. I lost my job in a morgue, so was forced to become a freelance embalmer, there is not much money in that, and then my house flooded. But Henry has been great throughout – he is so loyal.

I call him ‘Ri’ which means ‘King’ in ancient Gaelic, because he is like a king – my king."

Wilhelmina and her hairy husband are now celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary, raising a paw to eight "wonderful" years together. The pair plan to celebrate with "cuddles, food and television".

Wilhelmina admitted that her other 10 dogs often become jealous of her relationship with Henry. "There is Merrick-Thor, Mercurius, Medeia, Celia, Madoc, Francesca, Bebe, Victor, Blodwen and Ludwig," she said. "We all get along – most of the time – but there can be arguments."

Luckily, Henry knows just how to handle the tension. The eight-year-old Yorkshire terrier is usually the peacemaker when it comes to his canine companions. "It's one of the many things I love about him," says Wilhelmina fondly. "If a new dog enters the fold, Henry is the first to go over and say hello. There’s no ego, he is just so friendly."

The happy couple even have their own song,  "When I sing it, he runs over. It’s called ‘Henry’s Song’ and it includes the lyrics, 'Henry is my love. Henry is the one'."

Despite the criticism that the couple have received, they remain strong and unashamed. Wilhelmina is not concerned by haters, but instead focuses all her attention to Henry, who she claims is with her "for the long haul".

We wish the happy couple all the best!

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