Woman Drives 70mph With Her Ex-Boyfriend On The Bonnet Whilst On The School Run

If you manage to complete a week without seeing something peculiar amongst the rest of the human race, then it’s safe to say that you don’t get out enough.

We live on a planet inhabited by seven billion people, so it’s inevitable that every once in a short while something strange will happen right before our very eyes.

However, there are few things that could compete with what one driver witnessed whilst driving down the I-95 in Miami.

The incident is certainly odd, but once you learn the story behind it, the whole thing suddenly becomes quite an intriguing tale…

First of all, watch the footage for yourself to witness the wild incident for yourself…

Ok. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what on Earth could be the explanation for this?

Well, it all began eight months prior, when Patresha Isidore broke up with her boyfriend, 22-year-old Junior Francis.

Despite being separated, the couple continued to live together with their young daughter.

In fact, it was their child that lay at the heart of this particular dispute.

You see, Isidore needed to use the Mercedes C300 that the couple share to go and collect their daughter from school. Francis, meanwhile, had other plans that day and wanted to use the vehicle.

Rather than come to an amicable arrangement, 24-year-old Isidore chose to take the vehicle – despite the fact that Francis was clinging to the bonnet in an attempt to stop her.

It was later, as she barrelled down the express lane of the I-95 that Daniel Midah saw them. Unable to believe what he was seeing, he began to record the shocking scene.

In the footage, Isidore appears to have no concern for the father of her child as she travels at an alarming 75 mph.

In the 43 second clip, Francis can be seen clinging on for his life as the Mercedes whips down the highway – one hand on the hood, the other holding his cell phone as he places a 911 call.

“She’s swerving the car and I’m on top of the car,” he tells the dispatcher. “I really need help.”

Listen to the intense call here…

According to Isidore, Francis was given the opportunity to extract himself from the bonnet, but he refused to hop off the hood.

“He had plenty of time to get off the car,” she told WSVN. “He didn’t want to stop.”

“I had to go get my child,” she continued. “I wasn’t going to deal with any foolishness.”

However, she then changed her tune. “He was threatening me, so I was scared, so of course I wasn’t going to stop and let him get in the car,” she said. “That guy is crazy,” she added. “He won’t leave me alone.”

Meanwhile, Francis had a different version of events.

“She turned the engine on, dropped it in reverse and turned,” he explained. “That’s when things took a turn.”

Once they arrived at the school, Francis was able to get into the vehicle. The police arrived just minutes later, arresting and charging Isidore with culpable negligence.

Francis stated that he didn’t want to press charges against the mother of his child, but he did later say: “This woman is going to kill me. She’s really out to kill me.”

It truly is a sensational story – one that makes you truly question this world that we live in!

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