Woman Demands To Know If Her Boyfriend Is Cheating But Finds Out Something Much, Much Worse

Possibly, you have heard the saying “If you’re looking for something, you’ll find something you don’t like” before.

Clearly, the saying could apply to any number of different situations, but personally I don’t think it has ever been more prudent than in the case of this woman, who decided to test her boyfriend’s loyalty to her live on television by way of a lie detector test which would ascertain whether or not her man had been unfaithful.

Having waxed lyrical about her undying love for her boyfriend Brad on American show Maury, Ginger turns to a more pressing issue; his faithfulness to her.

Shockingly, though, in this particular case, the accusation of infidelity against Brad isn’t pertaining to a random girl on a one night stand, or even a friend of the dismayed Ginger, but in fact, ludicrously, her own mother.

Clearly the stakes are high; following the tragic loss of their baby together, Ginger’s mother had invited the couple to live with her while they got back on their feet.

Bizarrely, as the segment continues, Brad enters and gets down on one knee to propose to Ginger, before the lie detector tests have even been read out. Now, in my opinion, public proposals are a bad idea at the best of times, but this has to go down as one of the most ill-timed in history, as the weeping girlfriend is advised to wait by the host, Maury.

That, it seems, was good advice, as a lie detector test suggests that Brad and her mother had indeed been sleeping together. Cue scenes of hitherto unseen distress, as Ginger, betrayed by boyfriend and mother alike, breaks down.

Amid a loud chorus of boos from the audience, the mother is insistent that the relations never happened, but everyone is apparently too aghast and outraged to notice.

A sad story with a sad ending, particularly for the betrayed Ginger and yet another reminder that public proposals are rarely wise, and certainly not the appropriate course of action for someone who is about to be revealed as being unfaithful with his prospective fiance’s mother.

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