Woman Claims She Was Born As A Cat, And She’s Feline Fine

Have you ever done something amazing and wondered if you were a professional athlete in a former life? Well I have, and I can assure you it's normal-ish. Well one woman in Norway is taking this whole thing a baffling step further and has declared she was actually born as a cat.

Trying to quantify her offbeat declaration, Nano, 20, from Oslo, Norway, has claimed she has a superior sense sense of hearing and sight which allows her to hunt mice in the dark. Don't make me laugh Nano, please. I haven't even had my first cup of tea of the day yet.

On top of being an expert mouse-hunter, Nano also says that she exhibits other distinctly feline features. Like most cats, she hates hates water and has the ability to communicate simply by meowing.

The crazed cat lady made the startling revelation in an interview published on the NRK P3 Verdens Rikeste Land YouTube channel, and it's been viewed over 260,000 times at the time of writing.


"I realised I was a cat when I was 16 when doctors and psychologists found out what was "the thing" with me. Under my birth there was a genetic defect," she explains in the video.

Thankfully she is not alone in her strange behaviour, as her best friend Svien has an equally interesting condition that means he has multiple personalities - one of which is a cat. These two sound like a match made in cat heaven, if such a thing exists. Nano's psychologist has told her she will eventually grow out of her cat fascination, but she's not so sure...

"I think I will be cat all my life."

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