Wives Reveal The Worst Pranks That They Have Pulled On Their Husbands

When you get married you make a vow to cherish each other ’til death do you part. But for these wives, their deaths may be coming a little sooner than anticipated after they pulled these outrageous pranks on their husbands.

Whilst fairly innocent and comical now, these pranks certainly will have had blood boiling at the time. From the ridiculous to the cruel, get ready to be inspired by the pure wit of married strangers around the world…

1. When her husband suggested they ‘make things sexier’ in the bedroom, this wife had a crafty idea

Clearly a Nicholas Cage fan, this wife strategically placed a pillow adorned with the topless actor on their bed in response to her husbands request to make things ‘sexier’ in the bedroom.

2. There’s a leek in the shower!

3. Cruelty with creepy crawlies 

This wife got crafty and took a black felt tip pen to loo roll, to give her poor, unsuspecting husband a fright in the night! For anyone scared of spiders, it’s a nightmare come true…

4. When her husband started a new job, this wife did what she could to help him make friends

Making friends is never easy when you start a new job. Knowing that, this man’s wife decided to help. So, thoughtfully she wrote messages on each of his sandwich bags to ensure that he hit it off well with his new colleagues. Let’s hope, for his sake, that they all couldn’t read!

5. This wife didn’t come to play 

This wife was clearly enraged whilst making her husbands packed lunch. So much so, that she decided to have some fun. The unsuspecting husband was oblivious to the prank until he took a bite of his ham and cheese sandwich to discover an unexpected ingredient: plastic. Along with a note to really highlight her intentions.

6. This wife got sweet revenge on her husband

Sometimes there is no easy way to express your anger, so you have to get creative to ensure your point is heard. After all, they do say actions speak louder than words. These next pranks really do prove that to be true…

7. This wife wanted to remind her husband that she’s always watching

8. The cruellest trick anyone could play

When you live with somebody, there is a constant battle over food. Who will be lucky enough to get the last biscuit, slice of cake or packet of chips? In this instance, the wife relished in nibbling on the last Fudge Round, so much so, that she decided to leave a cruel note for her husband to find.

9. When her husband laughed at her for her OCD, she decided to take revenge

Could divorce potentially be on the cards for these husbands and wives? Or, could these silly pranks strengthen their relationship? These following pranks will make you question that more than ever…

10. This husband had a huge fright when going to the loo in the middle of the night

11. When her husband asked for a ‘a little something’ to eat, she delivered…

12. This wife put a lot of time into her prank

13. When he asked his wife to pick up some ‘ripped jeans’ this wasn’t what he had in mind

14. This wife thought she would have some fun with her husbands sandwich

These wives may have all set cruel pranks, but nothing quite compares to this husbands prank on his poor, unsuspecting wife:

15. This husband nearly gave her a heart attack

His wife immediately rushes to her husbands aid after seeing him fall to the floor, only to learn that she has been part of a cruel joke. The clip is guaranteed to make you wince!

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