Wives Reveal The Worst Pranks That They Have Pulled On Their Husbands

When you get married you make a vow to cherish each other 'til death do you part. But for these wives, their deaths may be coming a little sooner than anticipated after they pulled these outrageous pranks on their husbands.

Whilst fairly innocent and comical now, these pranks certainly will have had blood boiling at the time. From the ridiculous to the cruel, get ready to be inspired by the pure wit of married strangers around the world...

1. When her husband suggested they 'make things sexier' in the bedroom, this wife had a crafty idea

Clearly a Nicholas Cage fan, this wife strategically placed a pillow adorned with the topless actor on their bed in response to her husbands request to make things 'sexier' in the bedroom.

2. There's a leek in the shower!

3. Cruelty with creepy crawlies 

This wife got crafty and took a black felt tip pen to loo roll, to give her poor, unsuspecting husband a fright in the night! For anyone scared of spiders, it's a nightmare come true...


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