Groundbreaking Theory Suggests The White Walkers Could Actually Be The Good Guys On Game Of Thrones

It’s often said that a lot of villains are simply misunderstood. Take Frankenstein’s Monster, for example, he was just upset that the man who made him couldn’t even face his hideous creation and left him to fend for himself. Villains might look terrifying, but they just want to be loved and accepted as much as everyone else.

The dichotomy between good and evil on Game of Thrones has never been simple. Even the show’s best-loved and ‘good’ characters have a dark side. However, there’s one group of people (if you can even call them that) who have consistently been portrayed as blacker than black – the White Walkers.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to see why the undead would be villains. But just like Frankenstein’s Monster, the White Walkers didn’t ask to be created by the Children of the Forest, they were brought into existence against their will and left to rot beyond The Wall. Maybe all they want now is some sunshine…

Let’s briefly consider the fact that some fans have claimed that the White Walkers and the army of the dead form the shape of a direwolf as the begin to march south of the wall. If Bran is the Night King (unlikely, admittedly) could it be that he’s about to achieve his initial aim of stopping the fighting in Westeros by making them good?!

Okay, I know that a lot of people will dismiss this theory as ridiculous, but there’s actually more evidence to support it than there is suggesting that Bran is the Night King. Observant Game of Thrones fans have pointed out a number of facts that suggest the White Walkers aren’t what they appear to be…

To make this easy, I’ll start with a recent example of the White Walkers being less bad than they look. In season seven’s penultimate episode, ‘Beyond the Wall’, the White Walkers do not attack Jon Snow and company until Clegane throws a stone at them – thus turning a peaceful protest into a full blown fight.


Admittedly, I’m not entirely sold on that point. However, even the most sceptical of Game of Thrones fans will find this one hard to argue with. Cast your mind back to season two when Sam finds himself at the mercy of the army of the dead and a White Walker…

Sam gets incredibly close to the White Walker, but, for some reason, the White Walker decides not to kill him. Given how important Sam has been in instigating the fight against the White Walkers, killing him back in season two would have helped their cause considerably.

I mean, thanks to the time Sam spent in the citadel the White Walker’s enemies are now armed with the one thing that kills them – dragonglass!

But if Bran is the Night King, he could have had the foresight to keep Sam alive to ultimately end this battle.

On the subject of Bran’s potential involvement. In the show’s first ever episode, when a group of Night’s Watchmen meet the White Walkers, all but one of them are slain. If this hadn’t happened, the White Walker’s potential existence wouldn’t have begun to enter people’s consciousness – even though he does get beheaded.

Other fans have pointed out some humorous facts which could potentially suggest that the White Walkers are the good guys. This guy actually has a point, and it’s not just humans that they bring back to life. Daenerys’ dragon Viserion has been brought back to life to make the world a more open space at the end of season seven.

And speaking of facts, here’s a pretty interesting look at Game of Thrones, by the numbers…

Regardless of whether the White Walkers are actually good or not, the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros have united against them, and, given that the White Walkers can’t speak, there’s no way of knowing what their real intentions are. Even if they are good, they’re now being forced to fight for their survival.

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