Why Men Are Turning Their Beards Into Christmas Trees This Holiday Season

Women get to have all the fun at the holidays with festive earrings, red hair bows, and glitter nail polish. But now there’s no need for guys to be left out. Bring some festive cheer to any guy’s beard with Beardaments – ornaments that turn your beard into a Christmas tree.

This isn’t the first festive beard trend to pop up lately. Remember 2016’s glitter bead trend? That sparkly idea started cropping up on Instagram just before last year’s Holiday season.

Glitter is combed into beards until they are completely coated in the sparkly bits. There are several tutorials online on how to achieve the look. It was apparently started by internet personality duo, The Gay Beards, who regularly feature photos of their luxurious beards covered in everything from Cheetos to candles.

It’s easy to see why the salad beard didn’t catch on…

Before glitter, there were flower beards, where men beautified their beards by filling them with flowers. Clearly, guys have been looking for ways to accessorize their facial hair for a long time now! But nothing quite as epic as Beardaments have been available until now.

Beardaments are ornaments for beards, and with Christmas just around the corner, they have arrived at the perfect time. So pull out that ugly Santa sweater, string up some garland and lights, and clip on a few Beardaments to really make the moment festive.

After all, if you’re going to decorate your tree, you might as well decorate your beard. It does kind of look a bit like an upside-down Christmas tree, doesn’t it?

Behold Beardaments in all their festive glory!

Beardaments come in packs of 12, in different shapes and colors, and retail for only $11.99! They simply clip into any beard and voila! Your favorite beard is now all dressed for the holidays.

Guys and girls can share Beardaments as well since they also look radiant clipped into a pigtail or ponytail. The clips are hair-safe and work with any hair length, density, and type.

The company Beardaments, aside from selling the gorgeous clip-on baubles, sells its own brand of glitter for beards. It comes with oil and a brush and in three festive colors. They also sell scented beard oil, so any stinky whiskers will smell absolutely heavenly.

There are four scents available including “Beard-A-Mint” and “Beard-A-Mighty”. They will be sure to make any furry face extra kissable.

Beardaments is also on Instagram, so you can share your festive face with others, and maybe even swap style tips or get new ideas for your holiday look. Perhaps combine all three products, Beardaments, a glitter beard, and beard oil, and, guys, you’ll be a smash hit at the holiday office party!

It’s surely Santa approved. With a beard as natural and luxurious as his, he’s definitely getting in on the trend!

Perhaps next year we will be adding fairy lights to beards, but for now it’s shiny baubles and beads! Or, perhaps if you’re really looking for something different, try a real live bird!

Yes, that’s right. One man actually found his beard becoming home to a small bird that attempted to nest in his facial fluff. Perhaps there should be Instagram tutorials on beard birds…

Check out the video below to see how the man, and the bird, made out with their very hairy “nest”:

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