What These 16 Birthmark Placements Say About Your Personality

Most of us have a birthmark in one form or another and people have been trying to work out what causes them since the dawn of time. Some say that they are a sign of trauma from a past life, whereas others put them down to nothing more than excess melanin production at birth.

However, the exact cause remains a mystery – which might sound hard to believe now that we live in such a medically advanced age. Despite this, people have come to associate a number of meanings with particular birthmarks depending where on the body they are located.

This is what 16 different birthmarks could about your personality…

1. Stomach

If you have a birthmark on your stomach, it could be a sign that you have a satisfied personality. People with stomach birthmarks tend to be happy with what they have in life. They are more inclined to see the positives of this world and tend to hate the negatives.

2. Mouth

People with birthmarks near their mouths are said to be outspoken. It’s a sign that a person could be straightforward and blunt, even if that means delivering some difficult truths rather than trying to sugarcoat the reality of the situation, which is no bad quality to have!

3. Left Cheek

Admittedly, this isn’t the most positive interpretation of a birthmark, but it’s not wholly negative either. A birthmark on a person’s left cheek is said to indicate that they will have financial difficulties in life, however, it also means that they will have the strength to overcome them. It’s also said to be a sign that they’ll receive help from unexpected places and that’s what will see them through their tumultuous days.

4. Right Cheek

You might think that a birthmark on the right cheek means the opposite of what a birthmark on the left cheek does, but it’s actually said to represent a passionate personality. People with birthmarks on their right cheeks are supposedly driven, ambitious, and therefore willing to do what is necessary to achieve their dreams.

5. The Chin

Birthmarks on the chin can signify a hot-tempered person. This doesn’t mean that they’ll fly off the handle for no reason, it simply means that they won’t hold back when something bothers them. But this could obviously work in a person’s favor.

6. Back

Countless observations have found that people with birthmarks on their backs tend to be more open, honest and straightforward. As a result, they don’t hide things, and the thought of manipulating someone would never cross their minds. If they like a person, they’ll accept them, but if they don’t, they’ll reject them because they don’t want to be fake.

7. Forehead

Needless to say, birthmarks in the middle of a person’s forehead are unusual and that’s why they’ve got a particularly special meaning. They’re said to be a mark of destiny and are apparently found on people who become leaders and achievers in their chosen fields.

8. Shoulders

Unlike most other birthmarks, the positioning of a shoulder birthmark is significant. People with them are said to carry burdens on the shoulders for their whole lives. However, this birthmark isn’t entirely negative. If you’ve got one, you’ll receive help carrying your burden too.

9. Bottom Of Feet

Another birthmark which has a meaning related to its position on a person’s body is a birthmark on the bottom of a person’s foot. People who have them are said to be trendsetters. They leave footprints in the sand which other people chose to follow.

10. Outer Thigh

Sadly, people with birthmarks on their outer thighs are said to have stranded personalities. They have a lot of thoughts floating around their heads. However, the more thoughts a person has, the more chance they have of inciting change in the world, so it’s not entirely a bad thing.

11. Right Side Of Forehead

If you have a child now or in the future and wonder about how they will fare at school, the answer could lie in a birthmark. If they have a birthmark on the right side of their forehead, they are more likely to be intelligent. They’ll be adept at finding solutions and thinking out of the box.

12. Nose

Just like a button-nosed cuddly toy, people who have birthmarks on their noses are supposedly sweet, kind, caring and generous spirits. It’s an indicator of a beautiful heart. These are the people who know how to give and receive unconditionally.

13. Palms

Our hands help us to control many things in life, and people with birthmarks on their palms are thought to be in control of their lives. It’s also a sign of generosity, and a willingness to, literally and metaphorically, give people a helping hand.

14. The Arms

People with birthmarks on their arms are said to be patient and able to practice restraint in their lives. It’s also a sign of fate that could suggest that a person will do the right thing, even if it’s not always the easiest option.

15. Legs

If you’ve got a birthmark on your legs, or know someone who has, it’s a sign that you are going to go far in life. Leg birthmarks are said to be constant reminders of how far you have to go and act as poignant reminders never to quit, no matter how hard things get.

16. Breast

This is one of the most positive birthmarks in existence. A birthmark on a breast represents a bright future and good fortune. That’s not to say that people with them will never experience hard times, but that their lives will be as good as they make them. If they work hard, they’ll be rewarded.

So there you have it – 16 things that birthmarks could be saying about you or someone you know. However, if you’re still of the belief that these inexplicable marks are the sign of trauma in a past life, then check out this video to find out what else they could mean!

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