What The Shape Of Your Breasts Reveals About Your Personality

Listen up, ladies! The shape of your breasts may reveal a lot more about your personality than you thought! No, I’m not talking about whether you walk around in a push-up bra 24-7 or prefer a more practical sports bra on the daily.

I mean your actual boobs – their shape, size, and even the position of your nipples can say a lot about you. Hey, people have been reading palms, tea leaves, and crystal balls for centuries, why not breasts?


If you’ve got quite symmetrical and petite breasts, then you like to think outside the box. You enjoy being a little bit different from everyone around you and live by the motto “I did it my way!” You tend to live a very balanced life and are quite comfortable spending time alone just reading a book or listening to music.


If your boobs are petite but face outward and down, then it’s an adventure that really gets you excited! You are a free spirit who loves exploring and being spontaneous. Your mind is liberal and is open to new ideas. Others find you charismatic, charming, and simply irresistible!


Have large nipples? Are your beasts more triangular shaped and angled downward? Then you are incredibly sensual and are totally comfortable in your own skin. This comfort level gives you an optimistic and strong personality, usually with a fierce sense of independence.


Are your girls full but not super perky? This means you are incredibly driven to succeed and are a true leader. You possess a strong and independent will, which gives you a sense of control in stressful situations, allowing you to achieve your big dreams while keeping a cool head.

Now that you know there’s a lot to be learned from your ta-tas, what about the rest of your body? Check out the video below to find out how to become a “mind reader” simply by looking at someone’s body language:


If your breasts are on the small side, but perky and spread apart, then you are filled with passion and courage. You are also a risk taker, often jumping into situations without much forethought. You always trust your gut and are the life of the party. Others love hanging out with you!


If you’re more on the large and full side, plus your ta-tas face forward, then you are the diplomat! You are caring and understanding, and always willing to help out a friend in need. You are generous and nurturing, which people sense about you and will often seek you out for advice.


Round and medium-sized breasts which face away from each other indicate a hard worker with a heart of gold. You have excellent attention to detail and can sniff out a liar a mile away. You are very self-aware and observant, which makes you adept at understanding others.


If your boobs aren’t so round, but are medium sized but face outward, then you are very secretive and mysterious. You are a good secret keeper and others trust you, but you would never reveal your innermost thoughts to someone you didn’t trust completely. You have high standards, and if others don’t measure up, then they are swiftly cut out.


Are your boobs small but have large nipples? This means that you are the caregiver and are totally selfless. You are peace-loving and hate too much drama. You’d rather nurture and soothe others than get pulled into their arguments, and are very sensible and wise in your approach to life.


If your breasts are bulbous and outward facing, then you are both creative and ambitious. You come up with great ideas and have the planning skills to make them a reality. You are confident, have high self-esteem, and, generally speaking, others love you!


Small boobs with downward facing nipples indicate someone who is charming, youthful, and enthusiastic. You are often the center of attention and others are drawn to your infections zeal. You love risks and exploring absolutely everything, and have boundless energy to do it all day!


If your boobs are big and your nipples are too, then you always look on the bright side. With a smile on your face, you are a charmer and have a knack for making others feel great about themselves. You have a warm heart and others love being around you, which makes you extremely popular!

So how did the shape of your breasts measure up? Do they reveal anything accurate about your personality?!

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