Wendy’s Clap Back To A Troll Was So Savage, He Had To Suspend His Account

We’re only four days into 2017, and we’ve already learned so much. For example, today we learned that if there’s one fast food chain you shouldn’t try to start beef with, it’s one that promotes its beef like there’s no tomorrow.

Take Wendy’s, for example. They’ve recently been busy promoting the fact that their beef is fresh and never frozen, by placing a perfectly prepared burger on top of a pile of vintage books. Naturally.

One Twitter user wasn’t too pleased with the idea of fresh beef, so decided to start some of his own. In response to one of Wendy’s tweets, a man known only as Thuggy-D wrote:

“Your beef is frozen and we all know it. Y’all know we laugh at your slogan ‘fresh, never frozen’ right? Like you’re really a joke.”


Of course, as I’ve already mentioned, you should never fight beef with beef. Because beef will beef you right back. Hard. Head over to the next page to find out what happened, and I’ll warn you now that it wasn’t pretty. It was, however, hilarious.

Wendy’s response to Thuggy-D’s scepticism started off friendly enough. However, when it started to become clear that the troll had completely forgotten about the existence of refrigerators that things really started to (excuse the pun) heat up.


Thuggy-D then made the bold move of bringing Wendy’s biggest competitors into the picture. As you’d expect, this wasn’t the wisest of ideas.


Thuggy-D, do you want a plaster for that burn? In fact, Wendy’s responses were so harsh that the poor guy had to temporarily suspend his account to hide from the haters.

Since the exchange, it appears that whoever was running the Wendy’s Twitter account suddenly got the green light to be as sassy as possible. They even whipped out the “K” response, which we all know is pretty much the most chilling and shady put down known to man.


This isn’t the first time Wendy’s have been caught out getting sassy on social media. Almost a year ago, in fact, they called out Burger King with one of the most damning criticisms ever.

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