Wedding Photographer Sued After Taking Pictures Of Bums And Boobs Instead Of The Couple

It’s often said that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. Very few people are lucky enough to marry their first love and most of us have to cry into our pillows after a breakup at least a few times. That’s why it’s so special when you know you’ve finally found ‘the one’.

But one couple’s special day was ruined by an unscrupulous photographer who used their wedding as an excuse to take perverted photographs.

Wedding photographs allow couples to keep memories of their big day with them for the rest of their lives, capturing every special moment from their first kiss as Mr and Mrs to the cutting of the cake, and they often become treasured family heirlooms which are passed onto the next generation.

But that’s certainly not something is going to happen with David Kilcourse’s photographs…

He was hired by Steph and Paul Unwin to capture their big day after advertising his services on Facebook. However, as his pictures of the couple’s big day prove, he couldn’t have been further from the ‘professional’ he claimed to be.

Check out the video below to learn more:

“He caused so much heartache,” said Steph. “We have so many moments missing from our big day.”

Instead of capturing the Urwin’s special day, Kilcourse decided to take intimate photographs of the two bridesmaids without their consent, zooming in repeatedly on their cleavage, bottoms, and legs. He took 96 pictures of them in total.

However, Kilcourse took just 70 pictures of the bride and 11 of the groom – the very people who were paying him to be there.

The perverted photographer had been hired to take pictures of the bride as she got ready, the ceremony, and, naturally, the meal and evening events. This was supposed to come in the form of a photo book, two prints, edited images and a CD.

With so little material of the big day in his possession, the couple were devastated when they only received a CD from Kilcourse and this was after they asked him for it. What’s more is that he hadn’t even gone to the effort of editing the photographs he had taken.

The lack of photographs was the first thing that the couple questioned, and, according to Steph, “He turned around and said he took thousands of pictures. When we received them, he’d taken 1,636 images and 559 were out of focus. He called them ‘misfires’.”

“There were none of the in-laws, one of my parents and almost 100 of the two bridesmaids,” Steph said of the pictures.

“He took pictures of one of my bridesmaid’s breasts, some of her bum. There were more pictures of just the bridesmaids than anything else. I’m sure he was doing that on purpose.”

The couple made a point of explaining that they did understand that a few ‘misfires’ were inevitably going to be taken, but given that Kilcourse was supposedly a professional, the sheer number was completely unacceptable.

“I know that photography is interpreted differently by different people but when he takes three pictures of someone’s bum, that’s not an accident,” Steph said.

After complaining directly to Kilcourse, the Urwins took him to court for casting such a dark shadow over the happiest day of their lives. He didn’t show up at court and was subsequently ordered to pay the couple $840 (£601).

The photographer, however, has now lashed out claiming that the only reason there were so many ‘misfires’ was bad weather.

“As a company, we did over 1,000 weddings and we only had, probably in all that time, 10 complaints of that severity,” he said. “It’s a matter of opinion that we didn’t fulfill the package. Steph said that we didn’t take any outside shots of the wedding when it was pouring it down all day.”

Kilcourse’s nose was probably growing longer than Pinocchio’s as he came up with this excuse – although the bad press he’s had from this story will hopefully destroy his business for good.

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