We Ranked The McDonald’s Menu By Calories And Here’s What To Avoid

Food would undoubtably be our best friend, if it wasn’t for our complicated relationship with calories, and the fact so many damn tasty things contain so many of them. Calories lurk in our favorite foods, ready to slide into our bodies uninvited, where they will stay for an extended vacation, until we can find the motivation to do some physical exercise (which, let’s face it, is never).

Calories exist in practically everything that you can put in your mouth, which makes them impossible to avoid. So, rather than totally boycott delicious treats, it is time to embrace them. So, starting with everyones favourite fast food restaurant, we’ve ranked the McDonald’s menu in order of calories, so that you can indulge with full disclosure….

Warning: There is an extremely high chance that once reading this, you will crave everything on the McDonald’s menu – regardless of the calories.

Hash Brown – 150 calories

The hash browns look so innocent in their individual paper sleeves. But, hiding behind that crispy exterior is a warm, fluffy center rich with calories and 6% of your daily fat allowance (based on a woman’s 2,000 calorie-per-day diet).

Small French Fries – 250 calories

The cornerstone of McDonald’s is the delicious french fries. The skinny potato chips may have the ability to revive us from near death after a heavy night of drinking, but they come with a price: 250 calories for a small portion! A large portion will claim 510 calories! 

If that has surprised you, then just wait to see how many calories your favourite burger contains…

Baked Apple Pie – 250 calories

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so surely a baked apple pie will have the same results? Sadly not. An apple pie every day from McDonald’s will certainly keep your doctor busy!

Cheeseburger – 310 calories

The Dollar Menu is like the holy grail to students. Where else could you enjoy a hearty meal for a few cents? While cheap, the options may be costing you more than you realise with regard to your health!

McChicken Sandwich – 370 calories

The McChicken Sandwich comes complete with lettuce, which provides a false sense of security, as our brain is instantly programmed to see green salads as healthy. Which they are, just not when combined with full fat mayo and fried chicken.

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, then prepare yourself as we reveal some of the most calorie heavy items on the menu…

Strawberry Shake (Medium) – 379 calories

If you are having a burger and fries, you may as well indulge in a milkshake. What harm can it do to add it into the mix? Well, quite significant harm, as it can help to push your whole meal to over 1,000 calories!

Chicken McNuggets – 388 calories

It is never easy to choose the portion size of Chicken McNuggets, six isn’t enough, nine is a little too many, and 24 is virtually impossible. However, learning the calorie difference between the portion sizes may help you make a decision. Six will cost you 270 calories, nine will claim 388 calories and 24 nuggets contain an enormous 1,140 calories.

Filet O’Fish – 400 calories

If you scroll through Instagram, you will see all the fitness gurus raving about the health benefits of fish. However, bizarrely, they never seem to mention McDonald’s Filet O’Fish –  and the 400 calories may explain why.

There is also a reason why you also never see fitness fanatics raving about this burger…

Sausage McMuffin with Egg – 430 calories

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not spoil yourself with the McDonald’s breakfast menu? Well, because a Sausage and Egg McMuffin will drain 430 calories from your daily allowance before you have even properly woken up. But, it beats granola!

Happy Meal (with chicken nuggets) – 520 calories

The Happy Meal can easily fool you into thinking it is relatively low in all the bad stuff. However, behind that smile is a compact meal, with a less-than-compact 520 calories – for 4 Chicken McNuggets, a small fries, an orange juice and a bag of apple pieces.

Oreo McFlurry – 560 calories

McDonald’s rule the ice-cream game. The creamy McFlurry dessert is a taste sensation, especially when mixed with pieces of Oreo. However, alarmingly it contains more calories than your burger likely did.

Now, the final countdown begins…

Big Mac – 560 calories

The Big Mac is fail safe, the delicious two-tiered burger, complete with cheese, is the comfort food we all turn to in times of need. Although, it would appear it doesn’t quite support us as well as we thought, because hiding inside the tasty treat are 560 calories!

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese – 730 calories

Is it at all surprising to learn that the Double Quarter Pounder, with cheese, is the most calorie induced option on the McDonald’s menu? The colossal burger is loud and proud about its rather ridiculous calorie content, and we accept it for its size and taste.

Despite the knowledge that a quick trip to McDonald’s will burn through virtually your whole daily allowance of food intake, we have no shame in admitting that it is our favourite place on Earth. We are certainly “Lovin’ It”!

If you also adore McDonald’s, then these surprising facts about the fast food chain will leave you stunned. For example, did you know that James Franco and Shania Twain used to work at McDonald’s before becoming famous?

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