Video Shows Teacher Bodyslam A Student Who Punched Him In The Face

When you send your child to school, you think that they are going to be safe. The teachers and staff are there to help them grow and become better, wiser adults. Even if your kid gets into a fight, you would assume it would be with another student and that a teacher would break it up, right?

Wrong. Teachers are simply human beings and not all other people have learned their own lessons in life, like for instance not to fight a student.

Case in point, a video has now gone viral of a teacher bodyslamming a student into a desk and them proceeding to punch and attack him.

If you’d like to watch the bodyslam footage for yourself, check out the harrowing 30-second clip below:

While the student did provoke the fight, the teacher should have known better and proved to be the bigger person by not engaging. Even if the teacher had simply walked away, it would have provided a better example that the violence that he chose to inflict instead.

In the video, a male student challenges the teacher by bumping his chest. The teacher responds by pushing the student back, but then the student takes a swing. A fierce fistfight ensues, which includes punches to the face.

The teacher then picks up the student, flips him over, and bodyslams him into a desk. Other pupils look on and scream and cheer in the background. The teacher then continues to come at the student, who is struggling on the ground.

It’s at this point that two male students intervene and try to get the two fighters away from one another. One tries to cover the teacher, creating a barrier, but the student on the ground gets up and takes another swing at the teacher.

Another student pushes the teacher to the opposite side of the classroom, while two more pupils pin his opponent to the other wall. The teacher then calmly tries to approach again, but another, very large student blocks his path.

The video then ends with the teacher and student on opposite sides of the room, with several classmates preventing them from going elsewhere.

Little is known about the details of this attack, which first circulated on the internet in July of last year, but thanks to a share from World Star Hip Hop last week, the footage is going viral once again. The classroom seems to be in the United States, judging by the accents in the video.

However, this type of thing could reasonably happen anywhere in the world. We really don’t know who is teaching our children and all too often people become teachers for the wrong reasons. A job, which has so much influence over developing minds, should not be taken for a paycheck and good vacation.

More and more often it seems that stories are breaking of teachers who have committed illegal deeds in the classroom, and it’s not just violence but sexual acts as well.

There are many stories of teachers sleeping with underaged students, including married teacher 26-year-old Stephanie Peterson from Florida. She sent nude pictures over Snapchat and eventually slept with a 14-year-old student before getting caught.

If teachers are displaying these types of poor judgment on school grounds, are our kids learning any kind of acceptable behavior anymore?

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