Vladimir Putin’s Lavish New Holiday Home Is Nothing Like You’ve Seen Before

Vladimir Putin is one of the world’s most powerful people, so naturally, you wouldn’t expect him to settle for anything less than the best. The Russian President is notorious for his wealth (reportedly being worth a staggering $40 billion), so when exclusive photographs of his new holiday home were released, nobody was surprised by the enormous property with its outlandish decor.

Donald Trump will be jealous when he sees this grandeur…

Villa Sellgren, is idyllically located on the Russian island of Vyborg Bay, just 12 miles from the Russian border with Finland. The huge home is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Kremlin, affording Putin a quiet break from his hectic political schedule.

The lavish property is sumptuously decorated with exquisite detailing and plenty of gold. Did he take his inspiration from Trump Tower? It would certainly appear that way…

The property, that officially belongs to close friends of the Kremlin, is rumored to be the latest to join Putin’s vast property portfolio. The sprawling home boasts exquisite detailing, with each room featuring rich textures, such as soft leather and marble.

Villa Sellgren has an interesting history. Built before the Russian Revolution in 1913 by Finnish architect, Uno Ullberg, the 16,150 sq ft home is most famous for being featured in the 1987 Soviet film about Sherlock Holmes. Now, it’s past fame has been eclipsed upon the rumor that it is now home to Putin.

The large pool, with its crystal clear water and gold tiles, is where the Russian leader will bask during his down time. The turquoise walls give the room a Mediterranean vibe, making you easily believe that you are on an exotic trip, rather than in the colder climates of Russia.

The house and the sea around it are reportedly heavily guarded by the Russian Federal Protection Service officers, to stop any locals, or unwelcome visitors, getting too close. This has prompted locals to complain, as their access to the island gradually restricts. There have also been complaints about “a radar on the beach” which has been installed so that “enemy divers can’t get though.”

Putin stays at Villa Sellgren once a year, and whilst he is in residence, locals are not allowed to go fishing as they usually would do. Locals are also irritated by the helicopter pad which has been added to the property and the three mile fence that surrounds the supposed holiday home of Putin.

The 3D images of the interior, clearly showing construction plans, were accidentally leaked online. The construction company linked to the renovation refused to comment on the images, which breach the privacy of the president and his alleged private home.

This isn’t the only extravagant property Putin is reported vacation in. It is also believed that he owns a palace in the Black Sea, a holiday home close to St Petersburg and a retreat in the Altai Mountains.

Naturally, Putin keeps strategically silent about his private properties. But, that hasn’t stopped speculation about where his many homes are situated. Villa Sellgren is the latest property to be connected to the Russian president.

Whilst these 3D images appear spectacular, the property itself is nowhere near as captivating. Currently under renovation, the home is skeletal in comparison to the glamorous design plans.

The grand property had fallen into a state of disrepair. The decaying walls and dilapidated features were crumbling away, giving it a haunting feel. In 2010, the property went through a magnificent renovation, reportedly under the orders of Putin.

Whilst nobody can get close enough to the villa to document its progress, it is safe to say that the current design plans are a huge overhaul for the house and will likely completely alter its appearance.

Putin clearly saw the potential in the home, which was formerly owned by Putin’s friend Oleg Rudnov, the head of Baltic Media Group. When Rudnov died in 2015, the property was passed down to his son, Sergey. It is currently unclear who owns the property, but it is widely believed to have passed into the hands of Putin.

When Putin does have some down time, it usually goes viral. Who could forget the memes of him riding shirtless on the back of a bear from his trip to southern Siberia in 2009? He is also fond of playing the piano and often demonstrates his musical skills to stunned audiences.

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