Violent Body Cam Footage Shows Nurse Being Arrested For Doing Her Job

We all rely on the emergency services to help and protect us. However, it would appear that they cannot protect themselves from each other as this shocking footage shows.

The appalling 19 minute clip shows the moment a head nurse is violently arrested by a Utah police officer. The footage, released by nurse Alex Wubbels and her attorney, will make your jaw drop, especially when you learn why it happened…

The incident, which occurred in July this year, shows the head nurse being roughly arrested by a police officer as she screams for help. Her crime? Doing her job. The footage has now been released in an attempt to make the police reconsider the way they teach hospital staff, who have to comply to rules which don’t allow them to always work in unison with the police.

The Salt Lake City police officer, Jeff Payne, entered Wubbel’s hospital in order to take a blood sample from a badly injured patient. But, Wubbel’s wasn’t comfortable with him taking the sample for several reasons. One, the patient wasn’t under any arrest. Two, Payne didn’t have any warrant and, three, he also didn’t have the unconscious patient’s consent.

Wubbel’s calmly explained to Payne, a trained police phlebotomist, why he couldn’t take the patients blood, but he didn’t want to take no for an answer. Payne, who wanted the patients blood in order to protect him, became instantly frustrated at being denied access and decided to take drastic measures…

The patient, a truck driver, had been admitted to hospital after sustaining serious injuries in a road incident. The patient’s truck had been hit head-on by a pickup driver fleeing police and as a result, had suffered severe burns. The suspect died in the incident and because they didn’t have a probable cause for arrest, they couldn’t obtain a search warrant.

In light of the difficult situation, Wubbel’s called her supervisor for assistance. The supervisor maintained that Payne was not able to take the sample and also warned him that he was “making a mistake”, because he was threatening a nurse. But, rather than calm down, Payne became more angry…

Payne decides to take matters into his own hands and lunges for Wubbel’s, whilst she was still on the phone to her supervisor. “We’re done here,” he says, whilst hauling a struggling and screaming Wubbel’s out of the hospital doors. Other staff members try to intervene, including Payne’s partner, however, the damage is already done and Wubbel’s is placed in handcuffs, whilst she cries out: “I’ve done nothing wrong”.

The harrowing ordeal, captured on a body camera, was viewed by Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown, who called it “very alarming” according to Deseret News. Since the incident, Payne has been removed from the departments blood draw unit, but remains on active duty.

Wubbel’s was not charged in relation to the incident.

“A blood draw, it just gets thrown around like it’s some simple thing,” Wubbel’s tells Deseret News, “But your blood is your blood. That is your property.”

Whilst Wubbel’s is furious about the incident, she is not pressing any charges against Payne. Instead, she hopes that the incident can help educate the police on how to handle similar situations in the future.

“I want to see people do the right thing first and I want to see this be a civil discourse,” explains Wubbel’s. “If that’s not something that’s going to happen and there is refusal to acknowledge the need for growth and the need for re-education, then we will likely be forced to take that type of step. But people need to know that this is out there.”

After footage of the incident was released, it went viral online. People from across the globe were shocked by the incident and also conflicted on who was in the right. Many sided with Wubbel’s, whilst others believed Payne was innocent. However, the law sides with Wubbel’s.

The footage makes for disturbing viewing, but thankfully it is now benefitting police officers and hospital staff across the country on how to behave in complicated situations of a similar nature. Watch it here:

To lighten the mood, why not watch a slightly more lighthearted, but equally jaw dropping, video of a police officer making a catastrophic mistake:

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