Video Shows Floyd Mayweather Struggling To Control His Pet Tiger In Hotel Room

Much of the life of Floyd Mayweather Junior has been remarkable. From his undefeated career in the boxing ring (his current record stands at 49-0), to his well publicised spending habits, to his larger than life personality that has seen him become an master at promoting fights and creating hype around himself at all times.

Mayweather has also been more than happy to play the villain throughout the course of his long and storied career. A certain amount of envy is perhaps inevitable when one reaches the dizzy sporting heights that the boxer has achieved; consistent criticisms of Mayweather include his perceived ducking of some of boxing’s more dangerous opponents, notably Manny Pacquiao, who Mayweather took the best part of a decade to agree terms on a bout with.

It appears, as well as playing the villain to hype upcoming bouts, Mayweather also has the material possessions to back up his super-villain status in the boxing ring; a multitude of ludicrously expensive cars, enormous houses full of scantily clad women, oh, and a pet tiger. Bond villain enough for you yet?

There has been a trend in recent years for the super rich to buy dangerous or endangered animal species and keep them as pets; a not entirely ethical practice which can also prove extremely hazardous to those who are supposedly in control of the animals.

Tigers are an endangered species, World Wildlife estimates that there are roughly 3,980 of the big cats left in the wild, so any video such as this one is bound to cause tension and displeasure among animal rights groups. PETA had this to say about Mayweather’s ownership of the pet tiger:

“Tigers do poorly as pets. They belong in their native habitats, not in a cage in a celebrity’s home as a show-off prop, 100 per cent certain to be discarded to a roadside zoo or a cheap circus or to meet some other tawdry end after they become too strong to handle and show a will of their own. 

“Wild animals kept as amusements never have a fighting chance of a natural life. Having been torn away from their mothers, many end up violently beaten by trainers and all are deprived of what’s natural, normal and important to them. 

“PETA appeals to Floyd Mayweather to be a real champ for animals and allow his ‘Christmas present’ to be moved to a wildlife sanctuary.”

Floyd Mayweather, though, is no stranger to public criticism, so it would be a surprise if he gave up his pet tiger any time soon, after a video posted on Instagram by a member of his team showed the undefeated boxer holding the animal on a lead as it strolls around a busy room.

After a short time, another smaller tiger enters the room, also on a lead, which then gets crossed with Mayweather’s lead, resulting in some momentary confusion between the boxer and another man holding the lead of the other tiger.

The Cheeeeezamp @floydmayweather playin with Them Big Cats lol #BOSSSHIT #THEMONEYTEAMDREAM

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The undefeated boxer is currently in the midst of a surge of intrigue over a potential mega fight with UFC fighter Conor McGregor and has said that he is coming out of retirement with the sole intention of making a bout happen against the Irish MMA star.

Reports even suggest that a date and venue have both been agreed on for the fight, and a major stumbling block on the agreement of terms – Conor McGregor’s contract with the UFC, appears to be less of a problem than many anticipated, after UFC President Dana White told Conan O’Brien on his late night talk show, Conan, that he expects a fight to take place.

Fans will hope that Mayweather and McGregor can agree terms on a fight far more quickly than the undefeated boxer managed to with Manny Pacquiao – talks on that particular bout dragged on for years before the pair finally met in 2015 in a damp squib of a fight that never came close to living up to the monumental hype surrounding it.

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