A Video Of Oprah Interviewing Trump In 1988 Is Going Viral, For Obvious Reasons

As Oprah Winfrey took to the stage at the Golden Globes to accept her Cecil B. DeMille Award for Outstanding Contributions to Entertainment, the audience could be seen visibly preparing itself.

The legendary talk show host and actress was certain to deliver a mindblowing speech, especially under the ceremony’s circumstances, which saw practically everyone in attendance wearing black in protest of Hollywood’s sexual harassment culture.

Standing in the spotlight, the 63-year-old¬†Mississippi-born star read an empowering speech which sounded convincingly presidential. Talking of her challenging upbringing and the importance of the “truth”, it was easy to close your eyes and feel like you were listening to a presidential victory speech.

Her show-stopping performance – potentially one of the best she’d given in her life – saw her receive a standing ovation that totally eclipsed the one that Meryl Streep was given one year earlier – a speech that attracted the attention of President Donald Trump, who called the veteran actress “over-rated.”

Instantly the internet erupted into an incessant stream of requests for Winfrey to run for president in 2020. In fact, many media outlets began to predict her chances of success – all very high – if she were to run.

This interest in seeing Winfrey occupy the Oval Office inevitable saw fans begin to reference her, now iconic, interview of Donald Trump back in 1988, when he was nothing more than a successful and controversial (some things never change) businessman.

As Oprah interviews Trump, who looks alarmingly young in near 30-year-old footage, she questions him about his desire to run for president. In response, Trump, complete with his signature hand gestures, explains how he doesn’t have any immediate plans to run but if he should, he would win.

In typical Trump fashion, he brags that he “wouldn’t go in to lose”, foreshadowing the future, before going on to say how the “country would make one hell of a lot of money”.

People think this interview is key to the 2020 presidential election where it is predicted that Winfrey could face off against Trump. Will the talk show queen be able to hold her own against the property tycoon? Or, will Trump be able to use his four years experience in the White House to overpower her? Things are just about to get interesting…

Unsurprisingly, many people on Twitter – civilians and celebrities alike – couldn’t help but believe ‘President Oprah Winfrey’ had a good ring to it:

But perhaps everybody should start forgetting about voting for a charismatic billionaire celebrity with¬†zero political experience to be president – as we’re still living with the consequences of the last time we did that.

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