Video Captures The Heart Wrenching Moment A Horse Cries At Owner’s Funeral

If you’re the kind of person that finds it easier to believe that animals are simply appearing to have thoughts and feelings so you can get on with eating your BLT in peace, then I’d advise you to stay away from the following article. Especially if you absolutely love chowing down on a horse burger every now and again.

That’s because the following story is one of the strongest pieces of evidence I’ve ever seen that animals are capable of love, and it’s all thanks to a funeral, a horse, and a hell of a lot of neighing (read: breaking down in floods of tears).

Friends and family of Wagner de Lima Figueiredo, 34, were shocked to see his horse lay its head on the coffin and whined and sighed as if it was mourning too. Wagner’s brother, Wando de Lima, decided that Sereno the horse should attend his owner’s funeral, which took place on Tuesday in Paraiba, northeast Brazil.

Head over to the next page to watch a video clip revealing exactly how saddened Sereno was by the loss of his beloved owner.

Figueiredo died on New Year’s Day in a motorcycle accident after he lost control of his bike while riding along a beach. He underwent two critical operations, but it wasn’t enough to save him, and he tragically died from his injuries.

Together, Sereno and Figueiredo performed semi-professionally in rodeo shows for eight years, and had won dozens of tournaments and cash prizes. Clearly, the pair had an incredibly close bond, as is evident from Sereno’s heartbroken reaction.

Francielio Limiera, a close friend of Figueiredo, told the Daily Mail:

“It was an unbelievable thing to see the way the horse behaved. If I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have believed it myself. As we brought the coffin out at the beginning of the funeral, [Sereno] sounded like he was crying and as if he recognised that his owner was finally leaving him. He pounded the ground with his hooves and kept on whinnying. It was very sad.”

Now, if that wasn’t enough to convince you that animals are way better than humans, look no further than the following collection of adorable baby animals to full your cuteness quota for the day.

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