Utah High School Investigating Video Of Five Teen Girls Chanting “F**k N*ggers”

High school is an awkward time in all of our lives, as we try to discover who we really are by making lot of juvenile mistakes in the process. Luckily, everyone around you is making similar mistakes and your naivety can be forgiven. Well, sort of.

When a video emerged earlier this week of five teenage girls sitting inside a car chanting “f*ck n*ggers”, there was simply no defending it. Although, that didn’t stop the culprits from trying.

The girls, who are all high school students from Utah, are currently under investigation for the racist video which shows the five white teenagers sitting cosily in a car as they giggle and chant the racist remark.

The clip, which was apparently recorded a year ago, was uploaded to Instagram by one of the girls only recently and by Monday it has gone viral around the school with fellow pupils condemning their actions. On Tuesday, the girls were asked not to return to school whilst the district investigated the 10 second clip.

The girls, who are a mix of junior and senior students, felt the heat of their actions as fellow students raged online about their behavior. “You’re pathetic,” wrote one user on the Instagram video, while another typed: “You’re literally f*cking disgusting.”

The hate they received prompted the girls, three of which are cheerleaders at their school, to delete their social media accounts. However, one member of the group, the one who uploaded the original video, only left Instagram briefly before returning. “I’m back. You bitches really tried to get me suspended from my high school huh?! Lmfao, pathetic,” she wrote.

However, that wasn’t the end. The girl, who goes by the username “Pizardlollard”, went on to explain the origins of the video and defend her behavior. But rather than clarify the reasonings behind the clip, she only infuriated people further.

“You’re all f*cking stupid. I’m not a f*cking racist. The person I’m closest to is black and [I] have always loved them. Just thought I would set things straight,” she wrote on Instagram, only to receive a barrage of hate in return.

The teens claim that in reality they are actually shouting “serggin cuff” and that a rewind feature is making it sound as though they are saying “f*ck n*ggers”. They allege that they were simply shouting gibberish and that it happened to come out as the racist remark as a result of rewinding the clip.

In a statement released by, Lane Findlay, a spokesperson for the school district it is said that the girls “have all been very remorseful and apologetic for their actions,” whilst maintaining that “racism, whether intentional or not, has no place in our schools or society.”

“There is no excuse for these girls’ action. With that being said, neither shouldn’t there be justification for threats toward them and their families. Hatred only breeds more hatred. These are teenagers who made a big mistake, and they will be held accountable. Please be patient and reasonable as we deal with the situation.”

The statement said how school officials and staff were “shocked by the conduct of these students and the content of the video”, and that while the video was not made whilst at school, “appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if the students involved are found to have violated the school’s code of conduct.”

Let’s hope these girls learn from their mistake and let this be a lesson to you – stop chanting “serggin cuff” with your friends.

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