US Presidents Have Been Reimagined As Women And It’s Oddly Powerful To See

In the whole history of the US, the Oval Office has never been occupied by a woman. There have been a few close moments (most recently with Hillary Clinton), but ultimately, the White House has been a male-dominated environment. Until now…

With the third wave of feminism furiously thrashing the shores of established patriarchy, women have begun to rise up and wise up. The most recent example of this has come in the form of US presidents photoshopped to look like women.

They may be some of the greatest men in American history, but as women, who knows what they could have achieved…

1. Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt may have been famous for his masculine “cowboy” persona, but the 26th President of the United States still looks fierce with a slick of lipstick. Mount Rushmore would look very different today if Theodora Roosevelt had been commander-in-chief!

2. William Howard Taft

Taft’s iconic mustache defined his four years as the 27th President of the United States, but perhaps his flowing hair would have been a more prominently discussed at the time had he been a woman.

3. Woodrow Wilson

During Wilson’s tenure as president, he had to contend with the women’s suffrage movement. In fact, it was whilst he sat behind his desk in the Oval Office that women were finally given the right to vote, so it seems only fitting to catch a glimpse of the two term-serving president as a woman.

4. Warren G. Harding

Warren G. Harding is often cited as the worst president in US history. His poor handling of many controversies as well as his scandalous affair with his secretary, which resulted in the birth of an illegitimate child, led to Harding being villanized. Even as a woman the Ohio-born politician looks seedy!

5. Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge is often a forgotten president. His time in office was relatively nondescript in comparison to his predecessor and his successors. However, if he were a woman at the time, his striking good looks could have ensured he was one of America’s most prolific presidents – just think about how much JFK’s good looks helped him on his quest to become president!

6. Herbert Hoover

Hoover had it tough, for his time in the Oval Office was marred by the Great Depression and the start of World War II. He came from nothing to become president, after making millions in the mining industry – something he no doubt wouldn’t have been able to achieve at the time had he not been a man.

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt is one of America’s best-rated presidents, managing to pull the country back from the brink as the Great Depression raged on and World War II commenced. For some reason, envisioning him as a woman feels ever so slightly tasteless given his extreme popularity and achievements whilst in office.

8. Harry S. Truman

Truman became president during a difficult time of war, taking over from FDR (who died whilst serving his fourth term), Truman was left to navigate World War II as it came to a close and then the Cold War. Whilst he did rate highly at the time, Truman is now a controversial figure for his approval of the atomic bombs which were dropped on Japan. How would the world view his actions now if he’d have been a woman?

9. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower was one of the most decorated generals in the US Army, which helped him win a landslide victory in 1952. Considering that women enrolling in the army was heavily stigmatized at the time, there is no doubt that Eisenhower wouldn’t have achieved what he did if he’d have been born female.

10. John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy’s success is largely attributed to his good looks. With the presidential race being broadcast on television for the first time when Kennedy went up against Nixon in 1960, and it was thought that the vision of the youthful Senator with his thick flick of hair and winning smile was what saw him pip a pale, sweaty Nixon to the post. As a woman, it’s unlikely that Kennedy would have even been nominated as the Democratic candidate in the first place.

11. Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson may have become president by default in 1963 when JFK was assassinated, but his extensive political experience meant that he was a good fit for the job. The Texas-born politician was voted into the House of Representatives in 1937, at the age of 29. That same year there were only eight women in the US House of Representatives. With only 1.5% of the House of Representatives being women that year, you could say it wasn’t very representative at all! Today the figure stands at 19.4%.

12. Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon’s appearance, combined with his controversies, saw him the feature of many cartoon sketches. His prominent ears and pointy nose were often exaggerated by caricature artists who wanted to make the president look as bad as possible. But would he have received the same treatment had he been a woman?

13. Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford practically fell into the White House after the resignation of Nixon in 1974. The hard-faced, Nebraska-born with a history in the US Naval Reserve, Ford was seen as a “man’s man”. But in this artist’s vision, he is barely recognizable.

14. Jimmy Carter

Had Jimmy Carter been a woman he’d have been the first (and to this date, only) woman to serve as Governor of Georgia.

15. Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan’s celebrity status no doubt helped his image when it came to his bid for the White House in 1980. Turning his attention from acting to politics in 1967, Reagan became the Governor of California – another position that no woman, past or present, has held.

16. George H.W. Bush

Before becoming president, Bush was the Director of the CIA, a role which has – yep, you guessed it – never been occupied by a woman. How would Bush have navigated himself to the White House without such a prestigious job on his CV?

17. Bill Clinton

One thing is for sure, if Bill Clinton had been a woman the biggest scandal of his career would never have happened. The Monica Lewinsky scandal rocked the world when it was exposed in the ’90s, but there is a possibility it would never have happened if he wasn’t romantically attracted to the young White House intern.

18. George W. Bush

Bush followed in the footsteps of his father to become the President of the US, a role which many thought he was unsuitable for. Had he been born a female, it’s likely that his younger brother Jeb would have become the family’s political protégé, with George going on to take a backseat role like his younger sister Dorothy, who became a philanthropist.

19. Barrack Obama

Obama’s rise to the top was met with a challenge that no former president had ever had to face. As a black man, Obama faced the difficulty of winning over a country known for its complicated approach to race. However, he managed to succeed where many thought he’d fail. But could that have been possible if he was a woman too?

20. Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s time in office has been synonymous with a lack of empathy for women, so it seems only fitting that he be turned into a female – if only in digital form!

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