Unforgivable Design Fails That Prove Stupidity Is Alive And Well In This World

Every good designer will make careful planning and precision a priority as far as their work is concerned. And that’s because whatever they are designing will most likely be seen by the general public. And even if it isn’t, the ultimate goal of any design is that whoever it has been made for is content, ecstatic even, with their purchase.

Unfortunately, what we have to accept is that not everybody is actually that good at their job, and designers are certainly no exception. They can go through years of training for their craft, but let’s face it, you either have a creative eye or you don’t, and the following designers have failed on that front.

Yep, they’ve managed to come up with some of the most poorly thought-out designs ever seen – and there have been a lot!

So without further ado, here are the most outrageous design fails you won’t believe actually exist:

1. “I followed this bus for four blocks to wait for it to pull over to share this beautiful work of art.”

Just what the doctor ordered… if what the doctor ordered was the f*ck up of the century.

2. “National Geographic magazine that warns about the danger of plastic bags comes inside a plastic bag that is inside a plastic bag.” 

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Shame on you, National Geographic.

3. “I’ve never met Lauren but I already know I don’t like her.”

I’d say this design was a complete crock of sh*t, but I quite like to keep things neutral. I’m all about things being neutral. Neutral, neutral, neutral.

4. “When channel 5 doesn’t have a picture for a show on its demand service it uses Bob The Builder pictures for hilarious results.”

Even Bob the Builder couldn’t fix this mess.

From design fails to design wins, here’s how Monica Gellar’s iconic apartment in Friends was designed:

5. Courtesy of “The Sliding Door Company”, I give you…

“We couldn’t get those sliding doors you asked for but you know what they say: ‘When one door closes… the wrong f*cking door opens.'”

6. So here’s a single blind for you

But don’t go pointing fingers at the blinds’ manufacturer, we all know who’s really to blame: the guy who thought it would be a good idea to design the world’s narrowest window.

7. “This mug I made for my dad when I was eight.”

I know she was a kid and kids aren’t exactly known for their common sense, but man that wasn’t thought through.

8. “Guess who set the alarm off at the movie theatre today. Men’s room was around the corner and down a hall.”

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go… Even if it does send a whole movie theater into total panic mode.

9. “Prevent your kid from being afraid of the dark”

Gee, thanks mom, my fear of the dark has been zapped out of existence.

Check out these hilarious desktop design ideas that are actually genius:

10. “Who the f*ck thought that glass bathroom stalls would be a good idea?”

What kind of uncivilized bullsh*t is this? Why don’t I just time travel back to the Middle Ages and sh*t through a wooden hole?

11. “An unfortunate logo for a fitness center”

Start your membership with us today and you’ll be ‘fat forever’ in no time.

12. “New species of dinosaur”

This is as historically accurate as the Flintstones…

13. “This counter looks like someone smeared sh*t on it.”

Yeah… and it was designed for use in a bathroom. Way to put people off relieving themselves.

14. “Then why’d you give this nickel to me?”

The ultimate fail – it could have saved a child’s life, after all.

15. “Do not exceed 20 children”

I mean, I’d have capped it at about four, but then what do I know?

16. $168 for a pair of these ‘jeans’

Hey, if people are willing to shell out nearly 200 bucks essentially for nothing, then that’s their problem.

So there you go: deigns fails are all around us and they’ll never cease to astonish me.

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