Uber Driver Was 15 Minutes Late, But His Dash Revealed The Reason Why

Uber is great. The taxi service is rarely late because you can track the car you’ve just hired in the app on your phone. So when Connor from Toronto, Canada hailed a cab that was four minutes away, he was rather confused when it showed up 15 minutes late.

He had seen on his Uber app that the car was actually parked in a nearby parking lot for a good ten minutes before leaving to pick him up, but rather than ask the driver what the hold up was, the hilarious and disgusting truth was already given away on the taxi’s dash.

When Connor got into the car, the driver had forgotten to disconnect his phone from the vehicle’s Bluetooth, which meant that the screen on the dash gave away that he had been watching some very questionable material:

Credit: UNILADThat’s right; upon inspection, it turns out the driver had been watching some adult movies on his cell phone.

To make matters just a little more disgusting, the video title displayed was “Mother and Daughter” from the website PornHub. Here’s the complete version of the whole awkward experience in Connor’s own words as he explained it to UNILAD:

“I ordered the Uber and it said it was four minutes away. I could see on the map that he was at an airport satellite parking lot a short distance away, likely waiting for a fare. But he didn’t move for like 10 minutes and stayed in the parking lot.

“I was tempted to cancel it and order another one or complain to the Uber employees that were standing around but the app said I’d be charged a fee because he was already en route and I didn’t want to deal with that bullsh*t so I waited and finally he showed up.

This isn’t the first Uber ride to go viral. Check out these guys who broke the world record with their 2,256 mile Uber ride: 

“Thankfully when he arrived I didn’t shake his hand! The second I got in his car I saw what was on his dashboard and killed myself laughing, pretending to be laughing at my phone. Kinda f*cked up taste, but really funny nonetheless.

“He had clearly forgotten that his phone was connected to his car Bluetooth and it gave me a pretty good clue what took him so long… he was also shamelessly playing it through his sweet, sweet, mint condition six-speaker Toyota Camry audio system.”

Connor went on to explain that while the sound was off for the duration of his trip, the dash still displayed what was last played the entire time. He texted some friends asking and told them about his hilarious situation, seeking advice to make the encounter funnier.

While lots of ideas were offered, Connor decided he needed to play it safe, considering he had a suitcase in the trunk and couldn’t just jump out of the car and leave without ensuring he got it back first.

In the end, Connon decided the situation was too unusual not to do anything at all, so he said one line to the driver, which made him rather uncomfortable. “By the way,” Connor said, ” your playlist is still running on your car dashboard, you know, music.”

At least the driver’s next passengers will be spared knowing what he doesn’t in his spare time between fares. As for Connor, despite knowing the truth, he says he still gave the diver an excellent rating on Uber.

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