Twitter Is Obsessed With This One-Armed Woman And Her Amazing Tinder Bio

In the world of online dating, it’s all about standing out from the crowd. We all search for the perfect Tinder bio, but actually being able to execute it is a whole different thing. Some people absolutely nail it, and are thus treated to hundreds of right swipes, while others fall flat on their face, and receive nothing. One person who has smashed the Tinder game, is Lauren.

Lauren is a 20-year-old from San Diego, she lost her arm last year in a moped accident, but that hasn’t stopped her being an absolute boss in online dating/life in general. Speaking about the incident which changed her life forever, Lauren said:

“I was going pretty fast on a moped and lost control of it, and I hit the median in the road. I flew off and hit a sign and it sliced my arm off. I stayed conscious the whole time.”

It sounds pretty horrendous, but luckily for Lauren, there was a policeman at the scene who had just received tourniquet training and was able to save her life.

“I remember I asked the cop, ‘Hey, am I gonna die?’ and he said, ‘No, you’ll be fine,'” she said.

Lauren has said that social media played a big part in her recovery, and looking at her personal Twitter page, it’s clear to see that she is quite happy to make light of her situation.

Lauren says that being able to make jokes about her arm has helped her alot: “For a while, I wasn’t okay with the jokes,” said Lauren. “But then I started telling the jokes, and it’s kind of helped.” She also says that she tries to make a point of taking a lot of photos of herself since the accident, in order to show others who have experienced a similar situation that they are not alone: “I have never really hid it,” she said. “People don’t see that very often, so a lot of people DM me to tell me it’s really helpful to them, people who are also missing limbs or are disabled.”

However, while Lauren has a strong following on Twitter due to her light-hearted nature, last week she became a viral sensation. Lauren’s Tinder bio was picked up on both Reddit and Twitter and instantly became a huge hit, with commenters lauding the puns that it contained.

Amazingly, despite it being such a massive hit online, Lauren can’t remember thinking up the genius bio: “I got home pretty drunk, and I don’t remember typing it up really,” she said. “I just woke up to someone DM’ing me a Reddit post asking if it was me, and I was like damn, I guess it is.”

It’s fair to say that she now has many admirers, with plenty of people saying they would swipe right on her.

Lauren says that a lot of people respond to her on Tinder saying that they feel bad for laughing, but that she has no problem if they find it funny: “People always respond like, ‘Oh, I feel bad for laughing,’” she said. “And I’m like, ‘No! I think it’s funny…I made it!’”

You’ve got to say fair play to Lauren, really. She hasn’t let a terrible accident ruin her life, in fact she’s turned it into something else and has shown immense bravery – she also seems absolutely hilarious. While Lauren’s bio is superb, some bio’s are a little more, shall we say, strange? Check out these bizarre Tinder bio’s that are sure to grab your attention. 

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