Twitter Has Made ‘One Trip’ An Actual Challenge And It Has Already Gone Too Far

Picture this: it’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re on your way back from the supermarket after buying the groceries you’ll need for the next week.

Whether that’s bottled water, fresh fruit or just a buttload of Jaffa Cakes, all your shopping is now in the trunk of your car, and it’s time to take it in. Do you A): take a bag in each hand, going back and forth as many times as required, or B): load yourself with a grocery bags, and take it all to your apartment in one go?

If you answered A, then I suspect you are an alien or lizard person attempting to infiltrate our society, because the correct answer is clearly B: trying (within reason) to take all our shopping in one fell swoop.

At this point, it’s almost human nature, but as with most excursions humanity undertakes, perhaps it was only a matter of time before a madman decided to take things too far. The world of Twitter has a new challenge to baffle and entertain us; just how much shopping can people take inside in one go? The hashtag #OneTripChallenge sought to find out.

Getting all of your groceries in the house in one go with escalating shenanigans (or the #OneTripChallenge, as it’s now known) aims to test the limits of both brain and brawn to completely streamline the final chapter in the weekly odyssey that is the grocery trip. Of course, you only have two hands with which to carry in your cosmetics and coconuts, but that doesn’t mean you have to carry two at a time.

I don’t have particularly long arms, however, and sometimes if I’m having people over, the shortness of my radius, ulna and humerus often serve to betray me. If you’ve been in a similar boat, then it’s worth taking a look at some of the clever ideas on the #OneTripChallenge on Twitter. Some are more… creative than others.

That is not only ingenious, but pretty audacious too. The cheek of it. Of course, I’m not a frequent visitor to the gym, and tragically, not all of us have glutes powerful enough to render all of our clamps and nutcrackers. Sometimes, our groceries are just too heavy to drag home with merely plastic bags and brute force.

That goes double if you’re carrying water or anything like that; the laws of density make carrying liquids insanely difficult, and if you’re not a fan of tap water or like to buy your juice and milk in bulk, then you’re in trouble… or are you?

That’s also pretty impressive, I have to say. Not only is he carrying back multiple packs of water, but he’s managed to squeeze in a ton of grocery bags. That kind of dedication and craft requires years of practice… so why not bring your kids into the equation? Get them started early.

There you have it folks; the #OneTripChallenge may be a fairly new trend on Twitter, but in real life, we’ve been doing it for years. I hope you’ve been inspired by these Herculean efforts, and that next time, you’ll find an even more insane way to get your groceries after a long, hard shop.

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