Twitter Can’t Get Over How Much This Newborn Calf Looks Like KISS Frontman Gene Simmons

Irrespective of whether you were a child of the 70s, you’re bound to be aware of the legendary rock band, KISS. It’s safe to say that the frontman Gene Simmons doesn’t resemble any average boy-band member: “The Demon” is known for using face-paint and his rather bizarre tongue. Certainly, none of the members of the iconic American band have a suitably floppy haircut or rippling abs, but they do know how to apply their makeup.

Their outlandish makeup became their signature as the quartet were inspired by comic book characters, with each adopting a different on-stage persona. Simmons was naturally “The Demon” and the other members of the quartet comprised the roles of “The Starchild”, “The Spaceman” and “The Catman”.

Despite KISS temporarily discarding the makeup in 1983, it’s evident that it’s what they are best remembered for. Just try and think of a Halloween where you didn’t see a big group of friends donning their iconic look.

And it’s not just humans that have been inspired by the theatrical rock band, one calf in Texas bears an uncanny resemblance to KISS’ frontman, Gene Simmons.

A baby cow who was born on Friday at a ranch in Kerrville, Texas was named “Genie” after farmers noticed that she bore an uncanny resemblance to rock and roll star, Gene Simmons. The facial markings on the four-day-old calf looked eerily similar to the makeup that the KISS frontman used to don to perform with the 1970s rock band.

The resemblance quickly drew the attention of Hill Country Visitor, a tourism agency which promotes the area of Texas Hill. They shared the image of the calf on Facebook, joking that the resemblance was so striking that they wouldn’t be surprised if Simmons was the father:

“Gene Simmons, Where were you on our about November 25, 2016? This calf was born in Kerrville, Texas on the Ranch of a Heather Leonard Taccetta who works at Cowboy Steak House. Now obviously, we can’t serve this fine specimen, we may just keep Genie as we call her, as a Mascot for the Steakhouse. Now Heather DID ADMIT that they had 99.5 KISS Rocks San Antonio; listening to KISS! Just thought this WONDER OF NATURE was worth sharing!”

Images of Gene and Genie have been circulating all over social media. I mean, the resemblance is rather disarming – the calf even has a tendency to stick out her tongue like the I Was Made For Lovin’ You singer.

Even “The Demon” himself was amazed by the similarity. Taking to Twitter, he joked, “This is real, folks!!!”

And the rest of Twitter naturally had quite the reaction to the news:

The female calf was born on July 28, on a ranch 60 miles northwest of San Antonio. The calf belongs to Heather Taccetta, who runs the ranch with her family. She has confirmed that Genie is a healthy 75 pounds, and won’t be sold for slaughter as she has already become a family favourite.

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