Ivana Trump Called Herself The ‘First Lady’ Forcing Melania To Strike Back

The role of the First Lady of the United States is an important one. Historically, the First Lady has been a pillar of support for the president and has used her position to draw attention to worthy causes close to her heart.

When Melania Trump married a billionaire businessman 24 years her senior, rising to such a high position was probably the last thing that she expected to happen. But now that she is First Lady, she has embraced the role.

Since becoming First Lady, the former model has used her position to highlight her experiences as a female immigrant to the US, and she wants to work towards achieving gender quality in both America and overseas.

So when Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana (who is the mother of his three eldest children) described herself as the “First Lady”, Melina was less than impressed. This happened when Ivana appeared on Good Morning America to promote her new book, comically titled, Raising Trump.

President Trump’s ex wife revealed that she regularly speaks to her former husband every two weeks, and even has a direct line so that she can reach him at the White House, but she doesn’t use it often because she doesn’t want to cause problems between him and Melania.

“Melania is there and I don’t want to cause any kind of jealousy or anything like that because I’m the first Trump wife,” she said. “I’m the first lady, OK?”

It is only natural for spouses to be jealous of former partners, and Melania Trump is no exception. The First Lady was outraged that President Trump’s former wife had said that she was the ‘First Lady’ because of who her former husband is. (Although it was arguably a pun on Ivana’s part, it’s important to remember that English is not Melania’s first language.)

A spokesman from the First Lady’s office, Stephanie Grisham, issued the following statement on Melania’s behalf:

“Mrs. Trump has made the White House a home for Barron and The President. She loves living in Washington, DC and is honored by her role as First Lady of the United States. She plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books. 

There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex. Unfortunately only attention seeking and self-serving noise.”

The First Lady’s savage snapback at President Trump’s former wife was met with glee on the internet. Spats between former partners are common on reality TV shows, and people were amazed that it was not only happening in the White House, but played out for the public to see.

Real Housewives producer Andy Cohen tweeted, “This is actually happening. All the wives are fighting. Even I AM SPEECHLESS.”

Cohen then jokingly offered to mediate a ‘Real Housewives of the White House’ reunion between Melania and Ivana so that they could sort out their differences like adults. Now that’s an episode that would definitely be a first for reality TV.

Other Twitter users were quick to comment on the drama, with some imagining a fight between the president’s current wife and his ex, and others speculating that Melania will plagiarize Michelle Obama – as she reportedly did in 2016 – to get one up on Ivana.

Although it’s completely understandable that Melania would want to defend her position as First Lady and the current Mrs Trump, we hope that the she finds the strength not to make headlines by snapping back at her husband’s former partners in the future.

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