Video Shows TV Presenter Narrowly Avoiding Decapitation When Experiment Goes Terribly Wrong

Australian television host Natarsha Belling was almost decapitated by an exploding bottle of Coca-Cola on live TV after Studio 10 decided it would be a good idea to invite YouTuber and science fanatic Jacob Strickling onto the show.

Strickling, who refers to himself as a ‘mad scientist’, has a YouTube channel called Make Science Fun where he has 21,000 subscribers who watch in excitement as he carries out various science experiments in an entertaining way.

His appearance on the show was supposed to form part of a lighthearted segment, but it ended up going terribly wrong.

The experiment involved combining a bottle of Coke with liquid nitrogen. It was supposed to turn the bottle into a rocket which would be sent flying into the air. Unfortunately, the potentially fatal concoction flew past Belling’s face rather than up into the air as intended.

In fact, Belling was very lucky that she didn’t end up in hospital after the potentially disastrous accident.

“Are these safe to do at home?” Belling asked the popular YouTuber before he demonstrated the experiment. According to Strickling, the experiment was so ‘safe’ that Belling was perfectly capable of conducting the experiment herself.

Although Belling agrees to give it a try, it is clear that she is pretty anxious about it. After the bottle shot towards her face in the most unexpected and potentially deadly fashion, it’s safe to say that she was right to feel uneasy about the whole thing!

As soon as the bottle makes a near-catastrophic collision with her face, she and her guest co-presenter Roxy Jacenko scream in terror. Luckily, Belling manages to dodge the flying bottle and it ends up knocking off some branches in a tree instead of her head.

Belling then jokingly asks Strickling what his ‘insurance details’ are. “Tarsh got a shocking fright, and it was so lucky the branch that broke off from the explosion never hit her on the head,” Jacenko said in response to the whole debacle.

Freezing nitrogen expands at an alarmingly fast speed when it is combined with warm liquid, which is why the bottle flew in such an explosive manner. If you want to see the catastrophic experiment with your own eyes, check out the video below:

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