Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer Has A Bizarre, Long Running Feud With Dippin’ Dots

The history of the United States is replete with famous rivals and nemeses, men and women in Washington and in congress who were each the anithesis of the other, stubbornly refusing to back down: Lyndon B. Johnson and Bobby Kennedy, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, and now, strangest of all, Sean Spicer and Dippin’ Dots.

Yes, you read that correctly. The arch-enemy of Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, is not a journalist or politician, or even an individual, but a popular brand of ice cream.

Sean Spicer is an American political strategist and the current Communications Director for President Trump. He recently proved his credentials after a false news story broke over the weekend of Trump’s inauguration claiming that Trump had removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr from the oval office and replaced it with one of Winston Churchill – a claim that Spicer was quick to dismiss as false.

Spicer’s first press briefing was met with a mixed reception from the media – who soon unearthed evidence of his bizarre feud with the ice cream chain on his Twitter feed.


Spicer took to the podium for an official White House press conference for the first time on Saturday, to clear up what he thought were misconceptions regarding the number of people who attended the inauguration. However, since then a number of social media sleuths have been lurking around his Twitter account, and have unearthed evidence of Spicer’s inexplicable grudge against Dippin’ Dots.

Spicer has been waging his one-man war of attrition against the frozen dairy manufacturers since mid-2010, when he posted a tweet that seemed to disagree with the brand’s marketing tagline “ice cream of the future”. At the time, Dippin’ Dots declined to comment on Spicer’s aspersions.

It’s not clear what provoked this blunt criticism. Dippin’ Dots have never disparaged Spicer, so it seems like the attack was unprovoked. One year later, Spicer concurred with his previous statement. Clearly, this is an issue close to his heart.

But then his attacks got more savage. Spicer later began making irate comments about the lack of certain flavours, and linked his Twitter followers to a web article about some of the brand’s financial issues. Spicer’s new Twitter page now boasts over 1.31 million followers – although it’s likely that this is more due to his much-coveted job rather than the quality of his tweets.

Dippin’ Dots ice cream was invented by Southern Illinois University Carbondale graduate Curt Jones in 1987 and is flash frozen in liquid nitrogen. Because the product requires storage at very low temperatures, it is not sold in supermarkets, as they cannot provide such extreme cooling requirements. Maybe this is where Spicer’s beef with them stems from? Who knows….

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