The First Prototypes Of Trump’s Wall Are Complete, And It’s A Stark Reminder That It’s Really Happening

One of the biggest pledges that Donald Trump made during his presidential campaign was to build a wall between Mexico and the US in an attempt to curb illegal immigration into the country. He also claimed that he would get Mexico to pay for this wall.

Despite Mexican officials saying that the country would not cough up the millions required, Trump said it would be done by seizing remittances from undocumented immigrants and increasing the amount charged to Mexicans for entry visas to the US.

The president's idea to divide the two nations in this way has been met with much criticizm. The wall will stretch a vast 2,000 miles along the Mexican border, and it has been estimated that could cost up to $70 billion to build.

When Trump was inaugurated in January of this year, people around the world began to speculate about whether or not he would make good on promise to build the wall, especially as he had not included its cost in his first spending budget.

In September, Trump released a photograph depicting what his border wall might look like. It included a 150ft-wide "electronically monitored zone". Mexico did not comment at the time because its government was helping victims of Hurricane Harvey.

But now the first prototypes of the infamous border wall have been built by various contractors from Alabama, Arizona, Texas and Mississippi. They have reportedly cost between $400,000 and $500,000 each.

"These concrete prototypes will serve two important ends," a CBP spokesperson said.

"First, given their robust physical characteristics, like reinforced concrete, between 18-30 feet high, the concrete border wall prototypes are designed to deter illegal crossings in the area in which they are constructed."

The prototypes come in various shapes and include features which will seemingly create an "impenetrable" fortress for the US.


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