Trump’s Bizarre Press Conference Is Followed Up By Even Weirder Email

President Trump has just held his first ever solo press conference, and as you’d expect, it was an incredibly heated affair. The conference was full of false claims and contradictions along with seemingly endless accusations of the media’s reporting of fake news, and claims about the media’s dishonesty.

A prime example of Trump contradicting himself within the same sentence came when he said: “I watch CNN. So much anger and hatred. Just the hatred. I don’t watch it anymore.”

Amongst other things, Trump also claimed “drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars”, that Michael Flynn “didn’t do anything wrong”, and casually mused about shooting a Russian ship out of the water. If you feel so inclined, you can watch the conference in full below.

However, the press conference wasn’t the end of it. Immediately after the meeting, Trump’s organisation sent out the following email, requesting that its recipients fill out a “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey”.

Never heard of such a thing? Don’t worry, no one else had either. The email dangerously implies that the media is an enemy that must be defeated, inviting recipients to take a survey about what extent to which they hate the media.

The incredibly one-sided questions imply that outlets such as MSNBC and CNN don’t fact check their stories and unfairly reported on Trump’s Muslim ban. At one point, a question also claims that the Democrats are “obstructing” President Trump in an unfair way.


If you want to take Trump’s incredibly biased Mainstream Media Accountability Survey for yourself, you can check it out in full here. Just don’t blame me if it sends your blood pressure shooting upwards.

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