The Story Behind Why Donald Trump Hired A Nuclear Scientist To Avoid Bankruptcy

In 1990, a young Donald Trump was on the ropes. A world-class gambler called Akio Kashiwagi, nicknamed 'The Whale', was bankrupting his Atlantic City casino empire, playing games of baccarat for 80 hours at a time and winning a quarter-million dollars per hand.

Trump's marriage with his wife Ivana was also failing, and the majestic Trump Taj Mahal seemed doomed for bankruptcy. Kashiwagi cleaned out the house day after day, outplaying the very man who would go on to become President of the United States.

Backed into a corner, Trump did what every businessperson does when confronted with bankruptcy - call in a consultant. But the man he called in was an anomaly, a man who mastered the art of card-counting before anybody else, and yet whose name is almost totally unknown to the annals of history.


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